At the hour of your death, a stranger named Thomas Constant visits you. He claims to be the embodiment of time, and he offers you three choices. You can go back and relive any seven hours of your life, before returning to the here and now to die. You can have your life extended from this moment by seven hours. Or you can simply do nothing.

Which one would you pick?

7 Hours, from Tyndale House Publishers, explores this premise with seven authors, including yours truly. Each author weaves their own story, exploring the nature of time, choice, and death. The result is seven e-novellas, each with its own voice, themes, plot, and characters (though Thomas Constant appears in all seven). Myself and my fellow authors have been working hard and building up to this for (what feels like) a very long time, and this week, 7 Hours is finally on sale! Right now, you can nab the 7 Hours ebooks for just $2.99 a piece. (A complete collection is coming later this summer.)

To celebrate the launch of 7 Hours, Tyndale is promoting one novella per week at a discounted price. These sales are ordered the same way, chronologically, that they’re ordered in the collection. So this week only, the first 7 Hours story is on sale for just $1.99. It’s called Rearview, and it’s written by the prolific and talented Mike Dellosso.

Hurry — get it at this special price now!

(My contribution, The Last Night of Alton Webber, will be the last to go on sale since it’s the last story in the series. But if you just can’t wait, you can get it now at the regular price.)