Introducing My First Non-Fiction Title!

Check it out! And please help me get the word out…

I’ve written and published my first-ever nonfiction title, and it’s all about invisible illnesses. You may not know this, but I live with not one but three invisible, chronic illnesses — Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). I’ve learned a lot over the years and there are loads of things I wish someone had told me from the start. Things that make managing my health and daily life considerably easier.

Enter The Invisible Illness Survival Guide. In it, I share my own story of living with invisible illnesses and provide practical tips and answers to the elephant-in-the-room questions that doctors never tell you.

There’s so much you should have a grasp on as someone diagnosed with an invisible illness. So where’s the handbook that explains all that you need to know?

It’s right here. Find out more and get your copy at


I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure

I need an artist, and it might be you.

Specifically, I need an artist. Someone capable of professional-quality work, looking for their big break (via a partnership, not work-for-hire) and interested in ongoing work. Pencils, inks, paint, digital, photo-manipulation… I’m open to any art style as long as it looks top-notch, and can be turned around at a reasonably brisk pace.

I’ve been quietly thinking about, working on, and reasoning out a new project for several years now, and I’ve taken my time with it because it might be the best idea I’ve ever had and I want to get it right. Now it’s drawing close to readiness, and I’m entering the next phase of the plan.

That phase involves an artist. Are you that artist? Email me at with “ARTIST” in your subject line, and we’ll find out.


Today’s the Day

Starting now, the movie Persecuted is in theaters. What happens when a prominent evangelist is framed for murder? Is his plight just one small part of a much larger agenda? A conspiracy is afoot, one that hopes to undermine the most important freedoms the United States was built upon.

Buy your tickets here, and find out more about the movie here.

And don’t forget to get your copy of the novelization, written by yours truly.