It’s new. It’s big. It’s newly big.

Why a new website? Well, for many reasons…

  1. Newness is cool. Everybody says so.
  2. The old website was very limited in what I could do with it. I needed something more flexible, and more indicative of the fact that I write more than just novels. The new site is running entirely on blogging software, which allows me to do all sorts of nifty things — including incorporating lots of great social networking.
  3. Appearance-wise, the old website was so 2005.

So what’s new? Loads!

  1. First of all (don’t you love lists? I do!), it’s a lot easier on the eyes. It’s made to take advantage of some of the latest browsers, so if anything looks wonky, I recommend using the newest version of Firefox or Chrome.
  2. There’s lots going on these days, and I want to be able to talk about it, so expect this space to be updated frequently as I write to tell you about the latest happenings, or just my random (yet entertaining) thoughts.
  3. Over time I’ve gained confidence for public speaking and other in-person events, so if you’re looking for a speaker or special guest, or if you’d just like to have me for a book signing, here’s where you can find out how.
  4. My two best-known journalism gigs —, and — are no more, those websites having closed their doors. But I still have all of my original content from those days, so I’d like to republish some of the best stuff here. Fans from those days will enjoy the chance to revisit those classic articles (request your favorite interview or special feature from the old days!), and newbies will find some fascinating new insights into pop culture.

And this is just the start. There’s a lot more to come, including a brand new online Store for ordering books and other merchandise.

Take a look around, be sure to follow me on your social networks of choice, as listed in the right-hand sidebar. And please, make yourself at home.