Today we’re unveiling, the new website I mentioned to you a few days ago. Yes, this is the next big thing I’ve been working on for a while now, along with my friend Doug Kline.

PCG takes a look at fandom in all its forms and celebrates being a geek (without the irony). It may not be “cool” to be a geek, but it IS okay, and if there’s a “message” at the heart of PCG (and there really isn’t), then that’s about as deep and meaningful as it gets. It’s a fun look at everything from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, current films at the box office, hot TV shows like Battlestar Galactica and Lost, big-name video games, and fun looks at some of us fans who make geekdom what it is. And we really hope to generate lots of conversations and debates among readers and fans.

Best of all, this is the first site I’ve ever been involved with where there’s no corporate interference. Doug and I are free to make and do this however we want. Given the way Infuze ended, this is a breath of fresh air for yours truly.

Please stop by, take a look around, and if it’s your cup of tea, we hope to see you regularly.