Corridor is finished, and as I write this, the ebook version is in-process at both and It should show up for sale at both online stores within the next 48 hours. (The print-on-demand version will follow soon.)

Are you a book reviewer? Do you write for a media outlet or a blog? If you’re a journalist or blogger and would like to review Corridor, email me! I have the ebook on-hand right now, and can send it to you immediately in either PDF or MOBI format. (MOBI is ideal for Kindle; PDF works virtually everywhere else.)

It really is that simple. If you want to review the book for your readers, I’m happy to send it to you. But please: legitimate inquiries only. Reviews for Facebook or Goodreads are appreciated, but we are soliciting reviews from genuine media outlets at this time.

I am also available for interviews regarding Corridor, so contact me if you would like to set something up. There are some very big things coming in 2012 that I’ll be able to talk about soon.