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3.18 “D.O.C”

Sun asks for Juliet’s help in determining whether Jin really is the father of her child. Desmond and Charlie clash when the woman they rescued in the jungle receives help from a very unlikely source.

Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Fred Toye


Not long after she became married, Sun was approached by a strange woman who told her that Jin was the son of a prostitute, and tried to blackmail her to keep the information quiet. Sun did some digging and found out that Jin had been lying to her about his fisherman father, telling her that his father died when he was a teenager, when his father was still very much alive. She tracked down Jin’s father and he told her that Jin had lied about his heritage to avoid the shame of being known as a lowly fisherman’s son. But even Jin didn’t know the truth about his dead mother, his father having lied to him all his life about who she was. Mr. Kwon explained to Sun that the prostitute had been with many men, but she left him with Jin as a baby and he raised Jin alone. He never even knew if Jin was his, but he loved him as though he was. He told Sun that Jin’s mother was still alive, but asked her not to tell him about their meeting, to spare him the humiliation. Sun managed to procure the money she needed to pay off the blackmailer, on the condition that Jin would now go to work as one of Paik’s mob enforcers. When Sun delivered the money to the woman, she figured out that this woman was Jin’s mother. But Sun threatened her never to try anything like this again, or she would have her very powerful family see to it that the woman’s supposed death was made a reality.


After Desmond rescues the woman who parachuted onto the island, Jin, Hurley, and Charlie note that she knew Desmond’s name, but he has no idea who she is. They panic when they find that she has a small tree branch sticking out of her abdomen, which must have jammed into her when she fell from the sky. Desmond volunteers to run the 8-hour walk back to camp to get Jack and bring him to where the woman is, because they fear that moving her will make her condition worse. Charlie argues that it’s a pointless exercise, because it’s too dangerous to run through the jungle alone, but Desmond insists he can do it, since the Others don’t know they’re out there. Their conversation is rendered moot when Hurley accidentally fires a flare high into the sky above them.

A short while later, the four of them continue to argue about what to do to help the injured woman, but their fight is cut short when someone new enters the scene, running right into them: a very much alive Mikhail Bakunin, who did not die at the sonic fence after all. When Mikhail runs, Jin chases him and kung-fus him into submission. The others catch up, and Charlie explains who Mikhail is, having learned of him from Sayid. Mikhail refuses to talk when Desmond threatens him, but offers to put his field medic skills to use to save the parachute woman’s life. Mikhail explains that the branch punctured her lung and it’s now filling with blood, which will kill her soon unless her lung is ventilated. Mikhail bargains with them: if he helps the woman, they have to let him go when he’s done.

Late that night, the woman takes a turn for the worst as Mikhail works, and he and Desmond have to puncture her chest to let the blood escape so she can breathe. She whispers something to Mikhail in a language only he understands. Mikhail Tells Desmond that she said “Thank you for helping me,” but it’s obvious he’s lying. He finishes his part of the bargain, so Desmond agrees to let him go. Charlie vehemently disagrees with the decision, remembering his near-death experience at the hands of the Others, but right after Mikhail leaves, Jin notices that the woman’s fancy satellite phone is missing. Jin chases Mikhail and gets the phone back. Desmond still lets Mikhail go, but not before some very bad blood is sown between Charlie and Mikhail.

Jack visits Sun at her garden, checking in on her pregnancy. He asks some out-of-the-ordinary questions, and Sun picks up on a strange vibe from him, though he plays it down. Later, Sun asks Kate if Jack has changed due to his experience being held captive by the Others for more than a week. She wonders if the Others might have turned him, and could be using him to get at her baby, the same way they tried to get Claire’s. Kate assures Sun that Jack is not working with the Others, but Sun realizes that Kate is holding back. Kate finally reveals that Juliet was the Others’ fertility doctor, and that the Others wanted Aaron for research purposes. Sun immediately goes to Juliet and asks what’s going on, and Juliet tells her that pregnant women die on the island

That night, Juliet awakens Sun in her tent and whispers that she’ll tell her what she wants to know and help her and her baby, but Sun has to come with her right now. Sun is distrustful of Juliet, but agrees to go. They walk to the Staff station, where Juliet says she can do an ultrasound of Sun’s baby to determine the date of conception. This will help her determine whether or not Sun and the child have a chance of surviving on the island, as pregnancies conceived off of the island usually survive on it.

Juliet leads Sun into the Staff, and Sun asks why Juliet is helping her. Juliet explains that she used to love the looks on women’s faces when she would tell them that they were pregnant, but since coming to the island three years ago, she’s lost nine pregnant patients. She says she’s doing this because she wants to give someone good news again. Sun suddenly reveals that had an affair, and that she doesn’t know if the baby is really Jin’s or not. If the child was conceived off the island, then it isn’t Jin’s child, though she and the baby will probably be safe. But if it was conceived on the island, then Jin is most certainly the father, though this scenario places Sun and the child in mortal danger. Juliet leads Sun to a hidden room in the Staff, which she explains is where the Others brought their pregnant women to die.

As Juliet hooks Sun up to the ultrasound machine, Sun expresses her doubts that the baby is Jin’s, pointing out that he was diagnosed as infertile back in Korea. But Juliet tells her that the sperm count of men on the island is five times normal, so she shouldn’t despair just yet. Juliet runs her tests and determines that Sun became pregnant after crashing on the island, which can only mean that it’s Jin’s child. Juliet says that the pregnant women she watched die did not make it past the halfway point of their second trimester, which gives Sun about two months.

While Sun waits outside, Juliet secretly makes an audio recording that she leaves for Ben, reporting on the status of Sun’s baby and promising to get similar information on any other pregnant women among the castaways. After turning off the recorder, she adds, “I hate you.”

While Desmond, Charlie, and Jin build a stretcher to carry the injured woman, she wakes up and asks Hurley what’s happening. He tells her she’s on an island with survivors from Oceanic 815, and asks if she’s part of a group of rescuers looking for them. But she’s surprised at his mention of Oceanic 815, and tells him that the wreckage of Oceanic 815 had already been found, and everyone on board was dead.

  • What did the woman who parachuted onto the island really say to Mikhail after he saved her life?
  • Whose side is Juliet really on? Ben’s or Jack’s?
  • How can the wreckage of Oceanic 815 have been found elsewhere if it’s really on the island?
  • Where was Oceanic 815’s wreck supposedly found?

“D.O.C.” is the third Sun-centric episode of the series.

How awesome was Kung Fu Jin? I always hoped to see more of Daniel Dae Kim’s martial art moves some day, but so far the powers that be haven’t found another story reason to show off Jin’s mad fighting skills. Pity.


3.17 “Catch-22”

Desmond has a new vision of Charlie’s impending death, but if he saves Charlie this time, he runs the risk of altering the second part of that same vision: the arrival on the island of a potential rescuer.

Written by Jeff Pinkner & Brian K. Vaughan
Directed by Stephen Williams


Years ago, before he met Penny or entered the military, Desmond joined a monastery by committing himself to a vow of silence for a full month. After he was fully inducted into the brotherhood, a man named Derek came inside the monastery one day and punched Desmond in the nose without uttering a single word. Derek then left after asking for forgiveness from the other monks.

Desmond visited the house where Derek lived, hoping to speak to Derek’s sister, Ruth. Ruth was revealed to be a woman Desmond was engaged to marry, but he ran away just one week before the wedding without even saying goodbye. He explained to Ruth there at her home that he left her because he’d had a “religious experience” that told him to pursue a higher calling, but Ruth saw the truth — he was just too scared to commit.

The monastery manufactured its own brand of wine, and after his run-in with Ruth, Desmond dipped into the stores and got drunk. He’s found by Brother Campbell, the head of the order, who kicked him out of the abbey. But Campbell asserts that God has much bigger plans for Desmond than being a monk.

The next day, Desmond returns his robes, and Brother Campbell asks him for a favor, helping deliver ten crates of wine to town. But first another customer had to be seen to, a customer who came to the monastery to get her wine. It turned out to be Penny Widmore, who was picking up the crates on her father’s behalf. This was the first time that Desmond and Penny met, and it was definitely love at first sight for both of them. Penny was amused by his story of being an ex-monk, and asked him to come with her to help unload the crates at their destination.

Though it’s only on the screen for a second, a photograph on Brother Campbell’s office desk can be seen, and in it is Campbell himself alongside Mrs. Hawking!


Desmond has a new vision of Charlie’s death: an arrow from one of Rousseau’s traps that hits him in the throat while he, Desmond, Hurley, and Jin are wandering through the jungle in the rain. Another part of his vision shows him that someone is going to parachute onto the island, and Desmond believes that someone is his love, Penny.

Desmond recruits Hurley to help him find the new arrival, and the two of them deceive Jack into giving them a first aid kit. When Desmond explains himself to Hurley, Hurley realizes that Des isn’t trying to prevent his vision from working out as he has in the past; this time he wants his vision to come true. Next they get Jin to join the group, once again to ensure that Desmond’s vision comes true exactly as he saw it. Desmond goes to see Charlie alone and asks him to come along, but although Charlie is suspicious that Desmond isn’t telling him something, he agrees to come.

Sawyer visits Kate and asks if she told Jack about their sexual encounter. She says she didn’t tell him, but he knows because he saw it on a video camera. Sawyer is less than pleased, but suggests they pick up where they left off. Kate is unimpressed by his lack of romance and blows him off. That night, Kate tries to mend fences with Jack with some mild flirting, but Jack didn’t reciprocate, and she later observed him getting cozy with Juliet. Stinging from the rejection, she went to Sawyer’s tent and slept with him for a second time.

Hurley takes the group to the cable leading into the water, which is the first part of his vision. But it grows late, so they set up camp for the night before entering the jungle. Charlie and Desmond later talk about Penny, when Charlie spies her photo. Desmond explains Penny’s inability to forget about him and how she tracked him down three years ago, and says that he hopes and believes Penny may have been using her extensive money and resources to find him again, all this time, during his seclusion to the island. Just then, the four of them hear helicopter blades in the sky, but when it seems as though rescue is imminent, the chopper goes down about half a mile off the shore. Jin spots a blinking light falling out of the sky and Desmond realizes it’s the parachute from his vision, and believes Penny has come to the island. The parachute goes down deep within the jungle, and Desmond wants to leave at once and go after it, but Charlie argues that Rousseau’s traps will be even more dangerous at night than they are during the day. So Desmond agrees to wait until first light.

The next morning, Sawyer challenges Jack to a friendly game of ping-pong, wherein the subject of Kate comes up, as well as Jack’s dinner with Juliet the previous night. It doesn’t take Sawyer long to figure out that he was Kate’s consolation prize last night after Kate observed Jack eating with Juliet. He confronts her later and she denies that this was her sole motivation, but Sawyer says he doesn’t mind being used by her.

The next morning, Desmond and his friends find a brand new backpack in the jungle, with a high-tech satellite phone inside. Also enclosed is a book with a copied photo of Desmond and Penny folded inside. As storm clouds roll in — another fulfillment of Desmond’s vision — Desmond realizes that a choice lies ahead of him: he can let Charlie die in the hope that nothing will change and they’ll find Penny, or he can save Charlie and take the risk of changing destiny, possibly preventing Penny from being found. As it starts to rain, things start to play out as they did in Desmond’s vision, and he knows that the moment of Charlie’s death has arrived. He struggles briefly with the choice, but ultimately saves Charlie. The four of them split into teams of two, and Charlie goes with Desmond so he can grill him about what just happened. He knows that Desmond almost him die, which he’s angry about, but Desmond is equally frustrated, pointing out that it’s all for nothing. He keeps saving Charlie’s life, but it doesn’t make any difference. Jin calls out to them, and the four of them regroup under a fallen parachute, where a single person, whose identity is masked by a flight helmet, hangs lifeless from a tree. Desmond believes he’s failed by changing the future. Desmond cuts down the person he believes is Penny, and Desmond emotionally pulls off her helmet. But he’s surprised when it’s not Penny at all, it’s another woman we’ve never seen before, who deliriously recognizes him and calls him by name.

  • Why was Mrs. Hawking in a photo on Brother Campbell’s desk? How do they know each other?
  • Who is the woman who parachuted onto the island, and how did she find it? Why did she come? Does she work for Penny?

“Catch 22″ is the third Desmond-centric episode of the series, and the only one with flashbacks that do not involve time travel in some way.

The one mystery that this episode manages to resolve is “the reason Desmond calls people ‘brother’ so much.” And just like ” the story behind Jack’s tattoos” this is a question that nobody was asking. The flashbacks’ one redeeming virtue is letting us witness the first meeting of Desmond and Penny, the show’s most unrequited lovers. Speaking of which…

Man alive do Desmond and Penny have chemistry out the wazoo. In just one scene, there was more epic romance and desperate, longing stares between these two than in most of the other romantic entanglements on the show combined, and these two actors are masterful at making us feel it. If Elizabeth Mitchell has cornered the market on making us cry, as I suggested in the last episode’s recap, then Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger display the finest chemistry of any pairing on the show. (At least until Sawyer and Juliet come along!)

With the arrival on the island of the woman we will soon come to know as Naomi Dorritt, “Catch 22″ marks the official start of the Freighter storyline, which will go on to run throughout the rest of Season 3 and all of Season 4.


3.16 “One of Us”

Juliet seeks acceptance among the Oceanic survivors, but receives only suspicion and dangerous accusations.

Written by Carlton Cuse & Drew Goddard
Directed by Jack Bender


After she signed up with Mittelos Bioscience, Juliet was forced to say goodbye to her sister newly-pregnant sister Rachel, but promised to return in time for the birth of the baby. The plan was that Juliet would only be gone for six months, off at a very secret location — a place even she couldn’t know the location of while she was being taken there. Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom escorted her to a private hangar owned by a company called Herarat Aviation, where they advised her to take a sedative for the pending journey, because “it can be pretty intense.” Juliet balked, but Richard told her that the place they were taking her to was very special, and that she would see things there that she never imagined. So she agreed, took the sedative, and passed out.

When Juliet woke up, she wasn’t on an airplane. She was on the Others’ submarine. When she emerged, she found that the sub was parked at the dock near the Barracks, where she got to take her first look at the island. She met Ben for the first time there, when he welcomed her to the island.

Juliet quickly discovered the reason that she was brought to the island: the Others cannot reproduce. Pregnant women on the island die during the late stages of their pregnancy, and after six months of study, Juliet hypothesized that the mysterious cause of it occurred during conception. She asked Ben to take a pregnant woman off of the island to test her theory, but he refused. So she pointed out that her contract was up and it was time for her to return home to be with her sister. Ben revealed to Juliet that Rachel’s cancer had returned and she wouldn’t be able to make it to full term with her baby. He showed her her sister’s medical report, and Juliet was outraged that he’d kept this from her. But he promised her that if she agreed to stay, the mysterious and powerful Jacob would cure Rachel’s cancer. He pointed to the fact that none of his people on the island had cancer as evidence of Jacob’s abilities, so she agreed.

Juliet developed a romantic relationship with Goodwin during her time as one of the Others.

Three years after her arrival on the island, Juliet was devastated to learn that Ben had a tumor growing on his spine. She wasn’t upset for Ben, she was angered to learn that he had lied about the Others/Jacob being able to cure cancer, and demanded to know if this meant that her sister had never been cured. She confronted him with the news — which he was surprised and scared to hear — but he insisted that what he told her was true. She demanded to speak to her sister as proof, a request he denied, so she emotionally begged him to go home. He denied this request as well

The next day was the day of the Oceanic 815 crash, and shortly after it happened, Ben took Juliet to the Flame station. Mikhail had already gathered information about the crashed flight, and was monitoring news feeds from around the world about the flight that vanished over the south Pacific. Ben asked him for detailed files on every passenger, which Mikhail said he was already working on. Ben asked that they uplink to Richard Alpert, who was holding a camera in a park in Miami, taking live video of Juliet’s sister Rachel, and her two-year-old son. Both of them were happy and healthy, and Ben pointed out that Rachel’s cancer went into remission, as promised, two years ago, and she gave birth to her son, whom she named Julien after her sister. Juliet was relieved and thrilled and overcome with emotion at the sight, and again asked to go home. But Ben refused again, saying that she couldn’t leave until her work was finished.

Before the Others evacuated the Barracks, Ben came up with a plan for Juliet to infiltrate the Oceanic survivors. She was never gassed and knocked out as she later told Kate; she was in on the whole thing from the start. Claire did not become sick out of withdrawal to a drug Juliet created, and we’re left wondering if there ever even was a drug. The true cause of Claire’s sickness was an implant the Others placed inside her, which Ben activated in anticipation of Juliet’s infiltration, so she would have a crisis to solve when she got to the beach, allowing her to earn the survivors’ trust. When Juliet had the plan memorized, Ben told her he would see her in a week.


Jack, Kate, Juliet, and Sayid stop for the night on their way back to the beach to camp for the night. Jack and Kate go to find firewood, and she takes the opportunity to ask about what happened during the week he spent alone with the Others. He explains that he kept as low a profile as possible, and upheld his end of his deal with Ben. He says nothing of Juliet, and Kate is immediately suspicious of this. While they’re gone, Sayid grills Juliet, demanding long-desired answers about why the Others are on the island, terrorizing the survivors, making lists, kidnapping children, et al. But more than anything, he says, he wants to know who she is. Juliet insists that if she tells Sayid everything she knows, he’ll kill her. When he threatens to do so if she doesn’t answer his questions, Jack returns and warns Sayid to leave her alone. Sayid agrees temporarily, promising that Juliet will answer his questions sooner or later. Jack counters this by stating that Juliet will tell them what she knows when she’s ready, and until then, she’s under his protection.

  • The next morning, Sayid angrily slices his machete through the jungle, taking out his frustrations with Jack and Juliet on the foliage. Jack privately assures Juliet that his friends will come around, but she doesn’t believe it, reminding him of the many terrible things the Others did to them.

    Charlie finds Aaron crying in Claire’s tent, but she’s out cold and doesn’t hear her son crying. Charlie wakes her up and suggests that she might be getting sick and that she should get some more rest, and she agrees.

    Claire later emerges from her tent looking terrible, and asking for aspirin. Sawyer volunteers to get her some, but on his way to his tent, he spots Jack returning to the beach, followed by Kate and Sayid. The survivors are finally reunited with their doctor/leader at long last — and Sawyer and Kate share a tender reunion as well — but the good times end fast when the survivors see that Juliet is there, too.

    Hurley is later the first to extend an olive branch to Juliet, joining her in a private spot on the beach to talk. But Juliet quickly realizes that he was sent there by his friends to keep an eye on her.

    That evening, Jack addresses the survivors and asks them to trust that Juliet is no longer one of the Others. But they refuse, wanting answers from her. Jack informs them of Locke’s betrayal with the destroyed submarine, but Sawyer is still angry that Jack worked a deal with Ben and is now vouching for Juliet. Claire suddenly starts to bleed heavily from her nose, so Jack and Charlie rush her to her tent. Juliet notices the commotion and asks Sun and Jin what’s happening to Claire, but they blow her off, so she goes to Kate, telling her that she thinks she knows what’s wrong with Claire — because it’s something she did to Claire herself.

    Kate brings Jack to see Juliet, who explains that Claire is having a reaction to a drug Juliet created to try and keep pregnant women alive on the island during the late stages of their pregnancies. Claire was administered the drug by Ethan after she was abducted and taken to the Staff medical station. Every pregnant woman on the island that Juliet has met since coming here three years ago died — until Claire. Kate registers silent concern for Sun at hearing this news, but says nothing for now. Juliet explains that shortly after the crash of Oceanic 815, Ethan infiltrated the camp to keep an eye on Claire, take blood samples of her, and administer the drug designed by Juliet. The Others found, based on the samples, that she had consistent symptoms with all of the other pregnant women who died on the island, even though she didn’t conceive there. But when the survivors realized that Ethan wasn’t one of them, Juliet says, Ethan “improvised” by kidnapping her — a bad decision he made alone, a decision which was never part of the Others’ plan. Juliet insists that Claire is going through withdrawal from the drug that saved her life, and that if she gets another dose, she’ll be fine. She knows of a stash of the drug that Ethan kept near the caves, so Jack agrees to let her go get it.

    Juliet locates the stash right where she said it would be, but Sayid and Sawyer follow her there and tell her to stop what she’s doing. They find that the case she’s uncovered in the ground is full of medical supplies just as she says, but aren’t impressed. They want her to give up all of her secrets right now, but Juliet argues there isn’t time, that Claire needs this medicine right away. When they order her at gunpoint to start talking, Juliet regroups and uses her knowledge of their respective pasts to outwit them with sheer force of personality. She points out that the two of them have no business acting as the camp’s moral police, what with all of the people Sayid has tortured and the man in Australia that Sawyer killed in cold blood the night before Oceanic 815 departed Sydney. She asks Sayid if he’s ever told the survivors about something he did at Basra, but then tells them they’re going to let her take the medicine back to Claire because neither of them need more blood on their hands.

    Juliet returns to camp with the medicine in hand and administers it to Claire. Jack quietly tells Juliet that if this doesn’t work and Claire dies, he won’t be able to protect Juliet anymore. She’ll be on her own. Juliet says she’s already on her own

    A few hours later, Claire’s health returns. Jack rewards Juliet with supplies she’ll need to survive on the beach, like a tarp and blankets, as her official welcome to the group. He says that she’s earned some trust from the rest of the survivors for now, but that they’ll need some answers from her at some point. Juliet asks why she never has to explain herself to Jack. He says that he saw her face when the submarine exploded, and he knows that the thing she wants most in the world is to leave this island. And that makes her one of the survivors. (But this was not the end of the story; see the final entry in “What We Learned” below.)

    • The Others need a fertility doctor because some attribute of the island causes pregnant women to die there, before they’re able to give birth. They hoped that Juliet’s expertise might help them overcome this problem.
      Question: It would appear that the Others recruited Juliet to join their ranks because of her expertise as a fertility doctor. Why do the Others have need of a fertility doctor? [3.07]
    • The Others were able to gather detailed files on every person flying on Oceanic 315 using the communications equipment at the Flame station.
      Question: Where did the Others get such detailed information about Jack? [3.01]

    • Ethan told Juliet that her journey to the island would be intense, and then later he strapped her into a bunk in the submarine, explaining that “the last leg is always a little bumpy.” What is it about the island that makes journeying there so difficult and fraught with danger?
    • Why do pregnant women die on the island before giving birth?
    • Do the Others and/or Jacob actually have the ability to cure cancer?
    • If the Others and/or Jacob really do have the ability to cure cancer, why did Ben develop a tumor on his spine?
    • What dark deed(s) did Sayid commit at Basra?
    • Why did Ben order Juliet to infiltrate the survivors’ beach camp? What’s planning to do in a week?

    “One of Us” is the second Juliet-centric episode of the series.

    With the addition of Juliet Burke, the number of people living as part of the survivors’ camp has risen to 44.

    “One of Us” functions as a bookend with “Not in Portland” from earlier this season, continuing the flashbacks that began in that episode, right where they left off.

    I still wonder if it was ever in the overall plan for Juliet — contingency or otherwise — that she might eventually be reunited with her sister Rachel. I always held out hope over the years that it could happen, mostly because of the promise she made to her sister to return. But it seems unlikely now.

    Another thing I’m wondering is if Jacob ever actually cured Rachel. Based on what we learned of Ben in Season 5 — namely, that he had never in his life interacted with Jacob at all — I’m thinking that his promise to Juliet that if she stayed on the island, Jacob would cure her sister’s cancer, could have been a ploy on Ben’s part. Maybe Rachel’s cancer never returned, and Jacob never had cured it; perhaps this was all a lie cooked up to manipulate Juliet into staying put.

    Finally, we have a full explanation of both Ethan Rom’s infiltration of the camp and what happened to Claire during her abduction and why. It’s good stuff, but in true Lost fashion, it only led to new questions. Namely, why pregnant women die on the island before giving birth. This is a question we’ve never been given an answer to, and I really hope we get one. Somehow, I suspect that Jacob’s nemesis is to blame. Maybe he did something to the air or the water, causing this reaction in pregnant women.

    “One of Us” paints a fascinating portrait of Juliet as every bit as much of a victim as the Oceanic survivors, but one who’s had to live with her confinement to the island much longer than them. The experience has transformed her from an innocent scientist into the strong, cunning strategist she’s had to be in order to go on living.

    Does Elizabeth Mitchell have the ability to make you cry, or what? I got choked up all over again during the scene in the Flame when Juliet first laid eyes on her healthy sister and young nephew. Of the entire Lost cast, I find Mitchell to be by far the best at coaxing tears out of viewers.

  • More

    3.15 “Left Behind”

    When the Others pack up and leave the Barracks, Kate is knocked out, only to wake up in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet. Back at the beach, Hurley tries to convince Sawyer that it’s in his best interests to change his deceitful ways.

    Written by Damon Lindelof & Elizabeth Sarnoff
    Directed by Karen Gaviola


    A few months after she killed her stepfather and escaped from custody, Kate got stranded in Iowa and became friends with Sawyer’s old flame Cassidy Phillips after a chance encounter while Cassidy was running a scam. Recognizing a kindred spirit, Kate confessed the truth about herself to Cassidy, and told her she’d come to Iowa to see her mother, Diane Jansen, even though she knew her mom would be under surveillance 24/7 by the Feds. She wanted to know why her mother betrayed her, choosing Kate’s abusive stepfather Wayne over her. Cassidy offered to help Kate, and orchestrated a meeting between the two of them at the diner where Diane worked. Kate asked her mother her question, but Diane replied that for good or bad she loved Wayne, and Kate had murdered him in cold blood. And she didn’t do it for her mother, she did it for herself. She allowed Kate to leave without alerting the nearby Feds, but warned her that if she ever saw Kate again, she would yell for help without hesitation. Diane effectively severed all ties between them, and Kate was left a stunned, emotional wreck. Kate later pledges to Cassidy that she’ll never forgive her mom for turning her in.


    Juliet brings Kate something to eat in the Others’ rec room, but Kate sees her coming and tries to attack her. The attempt fails; Juliet takes her down easily, and then leaves her alone.

    The next morning, Kate is visited by Locke, freed from his captivity, who informs her that the Others are leaving the Barracks because the location is no longer a secret, and he’s going with them. He says he tried to convince them to take her too, but they refused, and she, Jack, and Sayid have to stay behind. Kate tries to find out what’s happened to Locke to make him think that his place is with the Others, but he isn’t willing to explain.

    Later in the day, Kate hears activity outside and watches as the Others pack up their belongings. To her horror, they put on gas masks as well, and then one of them tosses a smoke grenade inside the rec room and locks her inside. Though she tries to fight it, it’s no use and she passes out. When she wakes up, she’s startled to find she’s out in the middle of the jungle — and handcuffed to an unconscious Juliet. She sees that Juliet has a pocket knife clipped to her, and takes it. But Juliet wakes up and grabs Kate’s hand, demanding to know what she’s doing here with her. Juliet realizes she needs to earn Kate’s trust, so she lets her have the knife. Juliet claims that she was knocked out the same way Kate was. Kate tries to pick the handcuffs’ lock with the knife, but can’t. Juliet is very upset to learn that her people packed up and left home without her. Kate insists that they go back to the Barracks to look for Jack and Sayid.

    At the beach camp, Hurley informs Sawyer that the survivors have decided that his recent behavior is the last straw, and they’re planning a vote over whether or not to banish him from camp. He suggests that Sawyer may be able to make amends, but Sawyer isn’t interested and tells him to go away. Sawyer later tries to prove to himself that he can fend for himself and get his own food, but is frustrated to realize that he can’t. So he asks Hurley to help him, and as a start, Hurley makes him apologize for calling him names.

    At night, Kate searches for a trail, hoping it will lead them back to the Barracks. When Kate asks why the Others would handcuff the two of them together and drag them out into the jungle, Juliet’s answer is that “Ben has a thing for mind games.” It starts to rain, and Kate wants to keep moving because she’s afraid the trail will be washed away. But Juliet argues, saying that Kate has no business going back for Jack, because she ruined his chance to leave the island by returning for him after he expressly forbade her to do that very thing. Kate punches Juliet, and they tussle; this time Kate gets the upper hand and accidentally dislocates Juliet’s shoulder. As she tries to apologize, they suddenly hear the telltale sounds of the smoke monster about to appear. They run until they reach what looks like the same patch of trees inside which Kate hid from the monster back in “Pilot, Part 1.” Juliet keeps asking what the monster is, implying she’s never encountered it before, but Kate shushes her. The monster slowly approaches them and peers intently at Juliet, flashing her repeatedly with a very bright light. But then it suddenly retreats, for no apparent reason.

    Kate and Juliet wait a while in their hiding spot, hoping that the monster has gone. Juliet asks again about what it is, but Kate has trouble swallowing the notion that Juliet has never seen it before. Juliet informs Kate that this was the fourth time her shoulder has been dislocated, so it wasn’t entirely Kate’s fault. They argue again about Jack and why he told Kate not to come back for him; Kate believes it’s because Jack didn’t want her to get hurt, but Juliet tells her that Jack did it because he was suffering from a broken heart, having witnessed her sexual encounter with Sawyer in Sawyer’s cage. Juliet then forces Kate to pop her shoulder back into its socket.

    They wait in their hiding spot until morning, and then set out for the Barracks once again. While they walk, Kate states her belief that Juliet’s observation of Jack having a broken heart is based only on her own opinion, and not anything Jack said to her. Juliet doesn’t refute this, but suggests that she knows Jack a lot better than Kate does. The smoke monster returns and they run until they reach the sonic fence surrounding the Barracks. Kate tries to keep the two of them from entering, but Juliet insists that the fence is off. When Kate tries to pull her away from the fence, Juliet surprises her by retrieving a key from her pocket and unlocking their handcuffs. She then runs inside the sonic fence and enters an access code, activating it. She gets Kate to run inside the fence as well, just before it turns on. While Kate is ready to keep running, Juliet stands her ground, watching as the monster approaches. But when the smoke monster reaches the now-active fence, the fence is effective at keeping the monster out. Kate realizes how much lying Juliet has been doing and angrily confronts her. Juliet admits that the Others don’t know what the monster is, but they know that the sonic fence works against it. She also admits that the Others really did leave her behind, gassing her the same way they did Kate. She concocted this entire scheme of forcing herself and Kate to work together, so that Kate might be convinced not to leave Juliet behind the same way the Others did.

    At Hurley’s urging, Sawyer takes Claire an extra blanket and shows an interest in Aaron. Claire is amused at his attempts to be nice, even though he all but bungles the effort. The next morning, Sawyer targets Desmond, trying to assist with Desmond’s boar-hunting efforts. When Desmond manages to kill one, Sawyer triumphantly returns to camp and roasts it for everyone. Charlie devours his piece of meat, complimenting Sawyer, but Sawyer is shocked to learn that Charlie knows nothing about a meeting to vote on Sawyer’s status within the group. Sawyer confronts Hurley, accusing Hurley of conning him into being nice to everyone. But Hurley says it was never about conning him; he believes Sawyer should be the group’s temporary leader, and to do that, he’ll need to do some damage control. Sawyer’s incredulous at the suggestion that he should lead anything, but Hurley points out that Jack, Locke, Kate, and Sayid are all gone at the moment, so everyone wants to look to Sawyer to take the reigns, if he’ll let them. Sawyer reluctantly accepts this new role, carving up the boar and handing it out to everyone.

    Kate and Juliet arrive at the Barracks and Kate finds Jack inside his house, unconscious. She wakes him and explains the situation. Kate apologizes, saying she should have listened to him and not come back. Jack asks if Juliet left with the Others, and Kate says that they left her behind too. Jack says they have to go back to camp, after Juliet retrieves Sayid, the four of them set off for the beach. Sayid doesn’t want Juliet to come, but Jack points out that she was left behind just like they were, implying that Juliet is one of them now.

    • Where are the Others planning to go now that they can no longer live at the Barracks?
    • What was the smoke monster doing when it flashed its bright lights at Juliet? Was it reviewing her past the same way it did Eko’s about a month earlier?

    “Left Behind” is the sixth Kate-centric episode of the series.

    “Left Behind” isn’t a bad episode, even though the flashback storyline was another typical Season 3 snoozefest. I even liked the notion of Kate and Juliet being forced to work together, and the bottleneck that would put on their issues with one another. I especially like that despite all she’d done, Juliet never backed down or apologized, always seeing herself as just as much of a victim of Ben’s machinations as the Oceanic survivors (even though she never says as much). But did we really need for the two of them to fall into a great big mud pit? It’s the equivalent of the periodic “shirtless Sawyer” scenes, and it always frustrates me to see storytelling of Lost’s very high caliber stoop to that sort of pandering.

    I did like the Hurley/Sawyer scenes, and the way Hurley once again instinctively knew what was in the best interests of the group and acted on it. I liked that he got the upper hand on Sawyer, and that Sawyer fell for it. And I especially liked how, looking back on this now after Season 5, Sawyer did not easily slip into the role of leader here. But in Season 5, after three years’ experience in his leadership role among the Others, it suited him surprisingly well. Clearly it was a slow transition with a steep learning curve, and that process began in this very episode. But I love that he grew and changed enough to eventually become really good at it.


    3.14 “Expose”

    When Nikki & Paulo turn up dead under unusual circumstances, the remaining survivors must determine how and why they died. A long-buried secret comes out between Sawyer, Charlie, and Sun.

    Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
    Directed by Stephen Williams


    Nikki and Paulo were once, like so many others on this show, skilled con artists. Just days before the flight of Oceanic 815, they were involved in an elaborate con of the producer of a horrible TV show called Exposé, named Howard Zukerman. Nikki guest starred on the show, which filmed in Sydney, while pretending to be in love with Howard. Paulo, meanwhile, posed as Howard’s cook. But it was all a plot to kill Howard and steal a collection of diamonds from him worth $8 million.

    Four days later, the two of them celebrated their victory with a special meal at the Sydney Airport, realizing from a newspaper article about Howard’s death that they’d gotten away with it, successfully making his death appear to be a heart failure. They briefly met Boone and Shannon there who bickered horribly, and Nikki and Paulo expressed a desire to never end up like those two.

    The honeymoon was over between them from the moment Oceanic 815 crashed. When Nikki found Paulo survived the crash, instead of expressing concern for his welfare, her only interest was in finding the bag that contained the diamonds among the plane wreckage.

    Six days later, the two of them still hadn’t found their luggage on the beach. Ethan Rom helpfully appeared and pointed out that a lot of luggage had landed the jungle and they might try finding it there. This was the same night that Jack made his famous “If we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone” speech.

    A few weeks later, Nikki charmed Dr. Arzt into helping her search for the missing bag, hoping his scientific knowledge might help her deduce where the bag may have landed on the island. He drew her a map, and also told her all about his scientific discoveries on the island, which he said included 20 new species of insect. He also pointed out a Medusa Spider he’d collected, which he said has incredibly powerful pheromones. They followed his map and came across the beechcraft lodged against the cliff face, days before Locke and Boone would later find it. Nikki tried to convince Paulo to climb up to the plane and look for a radio, but he refused, insisting that it would fall if he did. They then found the Pearl station hatch — again, before it was found by any of the other survivors — but although Paulo wanted to check it out, Nikki said there was no way their bag could have fallen down into a sealed hatch, so they left it and kept looking.

    A few days later, Kate told some of the survivors about the case of guns that she and Sawyer found in the lagoon, and Nikki wondered if her missing bag could be in the same place. She convinced Paulo to dive in to look for the bag and spotted it, but Paulo, suspecting that she was only maintaining their relationship because she needed him to find the diamonds, returned to the surface without it and reported that it wasn’t there. When Nikki left the lagoon in frustration, Paulo dove back in and retrieved the bag.

    Later that night, Paulo dug a hole in the beach, away from the survivors’ camp, and buried the diamonds there. Locke stumbled across him while he was doing this, and had no problem with him keeping secrets. He merely advised him to do his hiding somewhere further inland, because the tide was starting to erode thanks to the changing seasons. So Paulo returned to the Pearl station, climbed down inside, and hid the diamonds in the back of the facility’s toilet. While he was there, Ben and Juliet entered and Ben used the monitors to give Juliet her first look at Jack, the man she would help Ben manipulate into performing surgery on him. Ben formulated his plan while Paulo watched from his hiding spot in the bathroom, telling Juliet that they would need to lure Kate, Sawyer, and Jack out of their camp and capture them with the help of their captive, Michael. After they left, Paulo found a working walkie-talkie in the station and took it.

    Only nine days prior to this episode, when Nikki and Paulo accompanied Locke, Sayid, and Desmond to the Pearl station, Paulo tried to dissuade Nikki from going because their stolen diamonds were still hidden there. While there, Paulo snuck into the bathroom alone and retrieved the hidden diamonds, pretending to be using the restroom.

    The morning that they both died, Nikki and Paulo sat on the beach talking about how their lives were better off because they never found the diamonds, which likely would have caused the end of their relationship. But Nikki realized he was lying to her and went to Sawyer looking for a gun. He refused her, insisting he didn’t have one, and that she was in no condition to wield one.

    Later, Nikki took Paulo out into the jungle and demanded that he turn over the diamonds. She appeared to be unarmed, but she had Dr. Arzt’s Medusa spider, which she threw on him. It bit him, and its venom paralyzed him for 8 hours. While he lay paralyzed by the spider, she searched him and found the diamonds. He told her he did it because he was afraid of losing her, but just as she was about to respond, the male Medusa spiders, attracted to the female’s pheromones, turned up and bit Nikki as well. She buried the diamonds in the jungle, intending to return to them later. When Sawyer and Hurley found her on the beach, thinking she was dead, what she said to them was not “Paulo lies,” but “paralyzed.”


    Nikki runs frantically through the jungle and buries something in the ground. When she returns to camp, she stumbles out of the brush, hurt somehow. Hurley and Sawyer find her while she’s having trouble breathing. She whispers something to them that’s hard to understand, that Hurley says sounds like “Paulo lies.” Before they can get help, she dies right there. Sun, Jin, and Charlie show up to help, and the five of them try to figure out what killed her. Sawyer suggests finding Paulo, so they search for him and find him in the jungle, in the same state as Nikki: dead but showing no wounds. Sawyer spots something nearby but says nothing to his friends, while Jin proposes that the monster must have killed the both of them.

    When they return to the beach with Paulo’s body, they take both bodies to the graveyard. There, they make preparations to bury both of them, but Sawyer wants to search their tent to hunt for clues. He, Hurley, and Charlie hunt through the tent and turn up a script from the TV show Exposé, which Nikki once guest starred on. Sawyer finds a walkie-talkie that’s still working, and reveals that he saw walkies exactly like these in the possession of the Others. Sawyer theorizes that Nikki and Paulo must have been working with the Others all along.

    Back at the graveyard, Sawyer reports his theory to everyone else, but Hurley points out that the Others live on the other side of the island. How could Nikki and Paulo have made contact with the Others without anyone else knowing? But Sun argues that the Others are closer than anyone thinks, pointing to her attempted abduction in the jungle — which she still doesn’t know was actually the handiwork of Charlie, under instructions from Sawyer, as part of his “long con” to acquire all of the survivors’ guns. Sawyer perpetuates his deception of Sun, deciding to make a “perimeter sweep” in case there are any Others lingering by that are responsible for killing Nikki and Paulo. He reveals that he has a pistol that he swiped from one of the Others.

    Hurley visits Desmond, hoping that Desmond’s precognitive ability might provide some insight into what killed Nikki and Paulo, but Desmond has nothing to offer. He did, however, spot Nikki yelling at Sawyer earlier today before she died — a fact Sawyer has failed to reveal to the rest of the group. He’s even gone out of his way to repeatedly insist he has no idea who Nikki and Paulo are.

    Hurley reports Desmond’s intel about Sawyer and Nikki to Charlie and Sun at the graveyard, suggesting that Sawyer is working some kind of angle. But Sun defends Sawyer, refusing to believe that he would deceive again after his heroic efforts trying to help Michael get Walt back. When Hurley leaves, Charlie finally divulges to her the truth about the day she was attacked in the jungle, months ago: he did it, not the Others. And it was Sawyer’s idea. Sun walks away from him without a word

    When Sawyer returns from his supposed perimeter sweep, the group confronts him about his lies. He confesses that he argued with Nikki that morning because she was asking him for his gun, which he refused to turn over. He didn’t tell them about it because she had dirt under her nails when she died, and then at the place where Paulo died, he saw a mound of fresh dirt. So he wasn’t doing a perimeter sweep at all, he was searching for whatever they had hidden in the ground. And he found it: a bag of diamonds, which he turns over to Sun, insisting that he had nothing to do with their deaths.

    Later, Sawyer sets to work digging their graves alone as a sort of penance for his lying. Sun confronts him there, telling him she knows the truth about what happened to her at Charlie’s hands. He asks if she’s going to tell Jin, and she says no — because Jin would kill him. She gives him the diamonds back, but then smacks him hard across the face.

    The survivors gather for Nikki and Paulo’s funeral, where Hurley struggles to find some nice words to say to them. To everyone’s surprise, Sawyer spreads the diamonds over them like ashes. Unbeknownst to the survivors, the two of them weren’t dead at all — merely paralyzed. They were accidentally buried alive.

    “Exposé” is the first and only Nikki & Paulo-centric episode of the series.

    With the deaths of Nikki and Paulo, the survivors’ numbers have dropped to 43.

    Ah, what a story. Hey, don’t riot on me — I’m not talking about the episode. I’m referring to the saga of Nikki & Paulo, the two most reviled characters in Lost history. Looking back on the show with 20/20 vision, I’m not entirely sure what they did that caused so much hatred among viewers. We hardly ever even saw them. But whatever the original plan was for these two, I think it’s safe to say that it was ditched once the fans raised their voices to cry foul. So this wicked little episode was written to do away with them, and it was just one wink-at-the-audience after another… The shifting reality of the first set of flashbacks, Nikki dying not once but three times, Nikki’s line about “knowing what happens to guest stars,” Howard’s description of Paulo as “the Wolfgang Puck of Brazil” — when actor Rodrigo Santoro had been publicly touted as “the Tom Cruise of Brazil” when he was cast on the show… the list goes on and on. Plus, there were all the revisits of bygone characters like Shannon, Boone, Dr. Arzt, and Ethan Rom. And let’s not forget the cameo by frickin’ Billy Dee Williams. The writers even gave us new reasons to hate Nikki & Paulo by showing that the two of them knew about the beechcraft, the Pearl station, and the Others’ plan to abduct Jack, Kate, and Sawyer long before those events ever happened — and yet they told no one. “Exposé” was an attempt to cut the show’s losses and create a bona fide classic out of a mistake, and I think it worked for some, but most fans just seemed glad to see the end of Nikki & Paulo.