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FREE Relentless

Starting today, Amazon is offering my first novel, Relentless (Book One of the Dominion Trilogy), as a free ebook. That’s right, Relentless is now a 100% free download, no strings, no hidden charges.

What’s more, the ebook prices for Fearless and Merciless, Books Two and Three of the trilogy, have been slashed down to $5.49. It’s all part of a special promotion my publisher convinced Amazon to run for my ebooks, so those who’ve never read the Dominion Trilogy can give it a try.

The promotion will run for a limited time only — unless it’s a hit, which would cause Amazon to keep it going longer than initially planned, possibly even indefinitely. And no, you don’t have to have a Kindle ereader to read Relentless. Amazon has free software available to download for every computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet device there is, that makes it possible to download ebooks on any device you own.

Here’s what you can do to help: First of all, DOWNLOAD IT. Even if you don’t plan to read it, we need to get it on Amazon’s bestseller list for free ebooks. Secondly, TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW that Relentless is now a free download. Tweet the heck out of it, share it on Facebook, talk about it on your own website, email your friends, family members, and enemies about it, and stop strangers on the street and tell them to go to Amazon and download it! And please do it more than once!

Here are some short links you can use:

And here’s a promotional image you can use on your website, blog, or social network to post about the free Relentless ebook:

Or if you prefer, you can download the high-res cover artwork for Relentless here.


All 5 novels now available as eBooks

I’m pleased to announce that all 5 of my novels are now available in ebook format!

I get asked rather often about which of my novels are available as ebooks. Here’s a definitive answer.

Nightmare you can find now almost anywhere ebooks are sold. Barnes & Noble has it here. But if you’re in the market for all five, you’ll need to head over to Amazon.com, where they’re available for Kindle. (Even if you don’t own a Kindle device, software that makes your device able to read Kindle ebooks is available to download for free.) Also, Sony’s Reader Store has Relentless, Fearless, Merciless, and Offworld, but not Nightmare (hopefully it’s on its way).

eBooks are generally less expensive their print counterparts; mine are all listed at approximately $9.99.

The biggest holdouts are Borders, Books-A-Million, and Apple’s iBooks Store, none of which carry my books in ebook format at the time of this writing. If you’d like to request them for these stores, you can click here to request my ebooks at Borders, here for Books-A-Million, and here for Apple iBooks.


Sidenote: Google is launching its own ebook store in the near future called Google Editions, which some are saying could be a game-changer. Hopefully, my books will land there at some point as well.



Merciless is the flavor of the week right now among the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. I love these guys; they always do a great job of bringing much-needed attention to worthwhile new books.

The ones I’ve seen so far that have reviews have all been positive, too. Hit the link for a full list of websites that take part in the blog ring/alliance.

If you have a review of Merciless and I haven’t yet mentioned it here on my blog, by all means please email me with the link, and I’ll post it.



A very in-depth interview with yours truly is available now, over at The Christian Manifesto. Lots of talk therein about Merciless, the trilogy, the past, and my future. They even dared to ask the big question: “So what really happened to Infuze?”

Oh, and in case you never visit my front page, Bethany House Publishers has set up a really nifty Dominion Trilogy official website, which contains all of the promotional materials related to all three books — including the trailers, the “Guardian” graphic novel, some contests, and even a Cafe Press page where you can purchase official Dominion Trilogy gear. (Though I think I like the “Guardian Lives!” swag my friend Paul Rose came up with better; it has a different kind of cool factor, since it’s like something a person in the books would actually create and wear!)


First Merciless reviews coming in

These are the first two reviews I’ve seen anywhere:

A Peek At My Bookshelf

What Robin Parrish has done with the Dominion Trilogy is take the best aspects of comic books and combined them with the best aspects of regular fiction (i.e., novels). And then he has the audacity to link it all into something… Biblical. Wow.


Robin Parrish’s talent is creative genius. How his mind could contain a trilogy of this magnitude is astounding to me, and I read a lot of books in all genres of fiction…

So… So far, so good.