1. I have a weird thing about my hands.

I’m not OCD. I’m not a germaphobe. But I can’t stand for my hands to be sticky. There’s a famous story in my family about how I refused to take part in finger painting in kindergarten. Some things never change.

2. I can draw.

I’m couldn’t sell art or anything, but I can sketch respectably. When I was younger, I could look at any object and recreate it with paper and pencil. My son appears to have inherited this ability — but he far surpasses me. He’s able to do it from memory, and make up original things as well.

3. I always wear socks.

I never go barefoot. Don’t know why. Just doesn’t feel right without socks on. Exceptions are Hapkido class or the beach.

4. I’ve got mad bargain shopping skills.

For realz. Any store I enter, I make a beeline for the clearance section. I’m not ashamed to admit that most of my clothes come from clearance. My favorite online store is a closeout deep-discount store called Hollar. I’ve found lots of cooking gadgets for MANterest at Hollar, and most of what they carry is just $1-3! Shipping is free if you order $25 or more.

5. I cut my own hair.

Maybe I’m kidding myself and people have already figured this one out on their own…

6. I rarely read books.

I know, I know. Shameful for an author. But when you spend most of your day, everyday, staring at words, reading is pretty much the last thing you want to do when you have downtime. I play video games to unwind.