Hello, dear friends.

I’ve been out of contact for a while now, but I’m finally ready to return to the land of the blogging. You are looking at the brand new permanent home of my personal blog, where I’ll talk about books, writing, and all sorts of life “stuff.” Bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS feed, and all that other wonderful Web 2.0 stuff you can do with it nowadays.

A few housekeeping bits to get out of the way:

  • Yes, INFUZEmag.com is gone. Kaput. No more. Very sad, but also kinda freeing.
  • I am no longer working with XZOOSIA.com. Wasn’t meant to be.
  • I am working on a new website/ezine style project with a friend; he and I will be co-owners, with no corporate oversight or involvement. More on this when we’re ready to unveil. Another week or so, maybe.
  • Merciless is almost here! I got my first copy today, and that metallic chrome cover is just gorgeous.
  • My annual “launch party/book signing” event is set for Saturday, June 28th, from 3-5:PM @ Barnes & Noble of High Point, NC. Please come if you can! I’ll also be appearing sometime at ICRS at the Bethany/Baker Booth for an hour-long signing/book giveaway session, but I haven’t been told exactly when or what day yet. If you’re going to ICRS and would like to hook up, drop me a line at robin-at-robin-parrish-dot-com.
  • I’m signed for three more books from Bethany House, for publication Summer ’09, ’10, and ’11. The first of these will be a standalone science fiction novel entitled Offworld.
  • I have a few other projects brewing as well, including one that’s so cool, I wish I could tell you all about it… but it’s far too early.

So what have I been up to since Infuze’s demise? Mostly I’ve been enjoying being a dad. Little Evan came into the world late last December, and now he’s already almost 6 months old! Hard to believe! He’s the apple of my eye to put it mildly, and I love every minute I spend with him. As a work-at-home writer, I’ve also become a stay-at-home dad to the little guy. He’s precocious, precious, and I can’t get enough of him.

Oh, and I also had a book to finish. This little title you may have heard of called Merciless — aka, the big grand-slam finale to the trilogy I’ve been writing for the last four years. Finally holding a copy of the end of this story in my hands today for the first time… I can’t even describe the sense of accomplishment. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more, and I only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m having a hard time resisting hyping this one out the wazoo, ’cause I’m just so darn happy with it, but I’m going to be strong and resist and let the novel speak for itself.

By the way, Bethany House told me that the book was printed earlier than was expected and has already been released from the warehouse, so there’s a good chance you might see it starting to show up in your local bookstores soon. Ask for it!

This place you’re looking at is just one part of the brand new robinparrish.com, and like the rest of the site, will grow and expand over time. I have saved copies of all of my old blog entries from Infuze, and I’ll be importing them here over time, as well as sprucing up the look and feel of the place to something much cooler and more original. Aside from this blog, the new site is going to incorporate all sorts of goodies, such as extra fiction writings by yours truly (like short stories), downloads (wallpaper, video, icons, etc.), and quite possibly, an exhaustive online encyclopedia chronicling all of the minutia of the Dominion Trilogy.

In the meantime, please spread the word. I’m back. I’m at blog.robinparrish.com. And I look forward to talking with you.