Once a week, I’ll bring you a personally-selected piece of media to inspire your creative juices. This will take the form of photos, original art, music, and more.

I am very, very visual. Anyone who’s read my books knows just how much I rely on visuals to convey the action, characters, and even more subtle things like emotions and themes. I absolutely love looking at conceptual art — aka, art pieces made to demonstrate a nonexistent setting being imagined specifically for a movie or TV show.

Much to my delight, I’ve discovered that there’s a huge community of talented artists online who are creating original concept art, not for any particular Hollywood project but just to push the boundaries of their own imaginations. A lot of them are made as assignments for college art classes and the like, though many are simply an artist following his or her muse. I find this sort of thing so inspiring, all I have to do is look at a really well-done piece of concept art, and my mind is immediately trying to come up with explanations for why these impossible places exist. Who lives there? Why does it exist? What’s the story?

Here’s a perfect example, by 24-year-old Vietnamese artist Phuoc Quan Dinh.

Zoom in to get a really good look — this smaller view doesn’t do it justice. My favorite details: the gorgeous sunset colors, the blue lens flare on the ship’s engines, and the birds in the bottom right corner. Just spectacular.

Click here to see more about this piece, and the artist who made it.

Where does it send your imagination? What world is this? Is it Earth of the future? Why are the massive buildings so dilapidated? Who’s in that ship, and where are they going?