Attention bloggers, journalists, and anyone else with a media outlet or following:

Are you interested in reviewing Vigilante and sharing it with your readers or followers? I’m thrilled to announce that I can now personally provide reviewers with a PDF ebook version of Vigilante, which can be imported to your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other ereader device. And I’ll give it to you totally, 100% free of charge. My only request is that you post an article about it — short, long, positive, negative, whatever. Write and publish some kind of review about it online (or in print) that gives your honest opinion, and then share that review with your peeps via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever.

Want in on this incredible deal? Send me an email, and please include a link to the outlet where you’ll be publishing your review.

One word of warning: this ebook PDF file is an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy), so it doesn’t sport the final typesetting or layout of the published book, or the cover art. It ain’t fancy, and some small things might be a little different than the final version. And you’ll spot some typos here and there. Also, the newspaper, magazine, and website article mockups that appear occasionally throughout the book (which we called “interstitials” during the editing process) are absent, though not required to follow the plot. One thing it does have that the printed book does not: I added my signature to it, as you can see in the pic above (thank you, OS X Lion).

Reviewers: If you need help importing PDF files to your ereader, here’s a helpful program that can convert PDFs to any format you like, and will even help you sync your ebook files directly to your device. It’s a free app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, though the devs request a donation if you find it useful.