You’ve waited. You’ve wondered. You’ve asked. You’ve begged. Maybe you’ve even tried bribery.

The wait is almost over. Today the ride begins, as I can finally share with you what this young adult novel called Corridor is all about. Here’s the official plot description.


On the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Troy Goggin finds himself inexplicably transported to an impossibly huge, miles-long structure called the Corridor. But what is the Corridor, and why was he brought to it?

It’s a place of mystery, wonder, and heart-stopping danger. It will test him and push him both mentally and physically. His only companion is the girl whose voice he hears inside his head, explaining the rules he must follow if he hopes to escape.

But there is much more to this extraordinary place than Troy could ever imagine. The Corridor’s true purpose — the biggest mystery of all — is revealed only to those who make it to the end.

Don’t forget: Corridor is releasing later this very month — December 2011 — from Stonehouse Ink, so if you want to be the first to know when it’s available, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or watch this space like a hawk! I should have an exact release date for you soon, as well as some cover art to show off, so stay tuned.