And now, a public service announcement.

I’m now on Google+. In case you don’t know, Google+ is Google’s new competitor against Facebook. It’s being rolled out slowly, and is only available so far by invitation. I just got on, but it seems pretty cool.

Anyway, if you’re among the lucky few already there, and want to keep up with my activities, announcements, and random thoughts, head over to and add me to your Circles.

Also, while we’re on the topic of social networking, here are a few things in need of clearing up.

  • I’m not on LinkedIn. I have no desire to join LinkedIn, as most of its services are redundant to other networks. Please save your LinkedIn invites and networking requests.
  • Absolutely anyone is welcome to follow me on Twitter, and I hope you will, but this will not result in me following you. Especially if you’re a business person trying to sell me something.
  • Yes, I have both a Facebook personal Profile and a fan Page, and yes you are more than welcome to Friend/Like both! The Page is purely devoted to book-related announcements and fan interaction. My personal account is where I post thoughts, links to new articles I’ve written, family pictures, etc., and is updated much more frequently. A lot of fans have asked if I mind if they Friend my personal account, and my answer is that I hope you will! Please do sign up for both, there’s a purpose for each. (And someday when my Friend list hits 5,000, I’ll have to merge the two anyway.)

Come find me! Let’s interact!