Sometime in the next week or so, I will be taking over as the one-and-only blogger for B5media’s, a news blog about the TV show Lost. The contract was signed and delivered today, so it’s a done deal.

As someone utterly obsessed with Lost (how awesome was Season 4?), I’m pretty doggone thrilled about this. It’s great timing, too, as the hype machine is just starting to build for Season 5. I’ve been looking for some kind of regular paying gig slash writing outlet all year. And I know this show well enough to write about it with my eyes closed! So I couldn’t be more excited to get started! Bring it!

FYI, if you go to now, you’ll find some mildly tabloidy stuff on there from the fill-in editor who’s been posting stuff while they’ve searched for a new blogger. I won’t be doing that sort of thing; I’ll be focusing entirely on the story, the characters, the writers, the trivia, merch tie-ins, episode summaries, mysteries, unanswered questions, etc. Basically, all the cool, geeky stuff that us Lost fans salivate over. :)

If it’s happening in the world of Lost, you can bet will cover it.

Be there or be a uniformly-sided rectangle.