It’s that crazy time of the year, and I’ll be flying out early in the morning at the crack of whyamIawake? to San Diego for the annual Geekapalooza, Nerdopolis, fanboy prom… Comic-Con! I and 125,000 of my closest friends (or, you know, total strangers, whatever) will be taking a look at what’s hot and what’s to come in the world of movies, television, comic books, video games, and more.

I’ll be blogging my experiences and all of the latest news over at with my partner in crime, Doug Kline. We’re going all out for our usual non-stop coverage, with tons of photos, videos, and lots and lots of words.

I’m also going to try and shop myself around to the comic book publishing companies and see if I can get a foot in the door to do some comic book writing. (If you feel led to pray for this, that would be great! Karen and I could really use the income.) I don’t expect it to be easy — like all things, it will depend on meeting just the right people — but I’m going to pray for some divine appointments and give it my best shot.

Here goes nothing.