I’ve said many times on social media that I’m not a foodie. And I’m really not.

Except I kind of am now. Not really sure how it happened, but I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Especially baking. I love baking.

I seem to have developed an addiction to Pinterest recipes. Combing through the best desserts and breakfast items and supper selections is not something I ever imagined myself enjoying, but somehow… I do. A lot.

Because I’m a nerd and because I’m always looking for ways to generate much-needed income from things I’m already doing, I thought, “Hey, why not throw together a YouTube channel where I present the very best Pinterest recipes I find?”

And then of course I began to ponder what would set this apart. Because there are already tons of cooking channels on YouTube. Tasty, Delish, Tastemade, and others are killing it on a daily basis. I can’t compete with them, and don’t want to.

What makes mine unique is:

  1. For starters, I’m a guy. 81% of all Pinterest users are female. 93% of all pins are pinned by women.
  2. I work on a tiny budget. My videos are not glossy and perfect. My cooking equipment is not fancy. I can’t afford a standing mixer (want one SO badly), which nearly every recipe you find assumes you already have. You can keep your highfalutin’ muscadero sugar, himalayan salt, and xylitol. I’ll stick to the basics.
  3. There are thousands of recipes on Pinterest for every kind of food. Chocolate chip cookies, for example, are out of control. Why hunt through them or try them all out when I can tell you which one is the best and most worthy of your time?

Then I had to come up with a name. “Man meets Pinterest” was the first thing that came to mind, but it felt too long. I watched this TED Talk video one time with the guy that makes those hilarious “How to Dad” videos, and he talked about how shorter is better with pretty much everything on YouTube, because people have short attention spans online.

So “Man meets Pinterest” got condensed to MANterest.

A few recurring themes you’ll begin to notice:

  • I start with the recipes I find on Pinterest but almost always tweak them to suit my family’s preferences. Sometimes I make them healthier with substitutions.
  • There will be more desserts and bread than anything else, ’cause that’s what I enjoy making the most!
  • I try to work brown sugar into every dessert I can, because it’s awesome. I also love: anything cinnamon/sugar, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, white chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, peanut butter, and cream cheese.
  • I’ve recently developed a passion for cooking with buttermilk.
  • Breakfast is awesome… especially when it’s for supper.
  • Scone-making is an addiction.
  • There will be cookies. Lots of cookies. And donuts.

Now I can hear my most devoted readers asking the elephant-in-the-room question: Robin, if you have enough time to film and edit and post videos, why aren’t you using that time to write new books instead?!?

The simple answer is Lupus. It scrambles my brain cells. It’s hard to explain, but to write creatively, I have to switch my mind into “writing mode,” in which other things are ignored and the flow of words pours out smoothly. And some days I do write. I have tons of ideas for new books, and I work on them when I’m able. But probably 60-70% of the time, my mind simply refuses to slide into writing mode. (It’s also why I don’t blog here as much as I’d like. You wouldn’t believe how long it took to write the post you’re reading right now.)

I’m still working on taking my life back from all of my health problems, and have every intention of publishing new books as soon as possible.

But for the off-days when I can’t write… I shall cook! Cooking doesn’t take a lot of brainpower. And I’m not going out of my way to make anything in the videos that I’m not already making for my family to eat and enjoy. Whatever I happen to be cooking this week is what will appear on MANterest. The videos are surprisingly easy to make and edit, too.

tl;dr – Please, PLEASE subscribe to the MANterest channel! We need to hit 1,000 subscribers before my videos can start making money, so I beg of you: share share share! They’re made to be easily postable on places like Facebook where videos auto-play silently.

Both the “Share” and “Like” buttons are located beneath the video title:

The next video will be up in a day or two!