I have a stress fracture on the top of my left foot. I believe the exact location is the “third metatarsal.” I have to wear an immobilization boot for two to four weeks.

When I got the news, my reaction was kind of like…

Why? Well…

Stress fractures are small bone cracks caused by overuse, usually stemming from a strenuous, repeated activity. There’s no getting around the fact that it came from my Hapkido classes, the martial arts I began studying back in March. I go three times a week, and it’s by far the most strenuous activity I engage in.

I’m not complaining, because when I signed up for Hapkido, I did it knowing it would come with a physical cost due to the many, many things wrong with my body. Lupus, Fibromyalgia, POTS, and everything else would block my path every step of the way. I was also overweight and out of shape. It was going to take a toll.

And it has. There have been injuries and Lupus flares and one wicked sinus infection and things no one but me even knows about.

But I’d do it all again. Without question, without hesitation, I wouldn’t change a thing.

(Not even all the times I make a complete fool of myself in class. Which is often!)

Don’t let life’s obstacles and setbacks affect your goals. Unfortunate things are going to happen; you can’t stop them. But you do get to choose how you react to them. Will they sideline you? Or push you harder toward your goals?

I’m choosing to press on. This is just another hurdle. I’ll clear it like I have all the others. Besides, when you live with never-ending muscle and joint pain 24/7/365, one more ache doesn’t exactly bury the needle.

I’m still going to Hapkido class. My next belt test is a week away, and I’m not missing it. The injury and this silly boot will be gone in a blink.

Stress fracture? Pfft.