The Oceanic 6 come closer to their destined escape from the island as the inevitable confrontation builds between Keamy and Ben.

Written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
Directed by Stephen Williams


Not long after they escaped from the island, the Oceanic 6 — Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, and Aaron — were flown to Honolulu, where they reentered society and were greeted by their loved ones. A press conference was held, and though the survivors were less than enthused about lying publicly about what happened to Oceanic 815, they agreed to follow Jack’s lead and deceive everyone regarding how many survivors there were and what happened to them all on the island. The Oceanic rep at the press conference claimed that the Oceanic 6 washed up on an uncharted island in the South Pacific called Membata, from which they ventured out on a raft that washed up on the shore one day. Jack’s cover story named Boone, Libby, and Charlie as the three additional survivors who washed up on the island with them but didn’t survive.

Immediately after the press conference, Sayid was unexpectedly reunited with his long-lost love, Nadia, in an extremely tender moment.

Not long after they all returned home, Jack finally held a long-overdue funeral for his father. Among the funeral’s attendees were Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Nadia, and Hurley. After the service ended, Jack met Carole Littleton, Claire’s mother, who revealed to Jack that he had a sister, and that she too was on Oceanic 815. Jack was devastated at hearing this news, though he tried not to show it in front of Carole, in order to protect the Oceanic 6’s lie. On her way out of the church, Carole stopped to tell Kate how lovely “her” baby was, never realizing that the baby was her own grandson.

A few months after settling back into her normal life, a very pregnant Sun confronted her father with the startling news that she’d used her settlement money from Oceanic Airlines to buy controlling interest in his automotive company. She blamed her father for Jin’s death, because it was her father’s hatred of Jin that put both of them on Oceanic 815 to begin with. Sun also mentioned that she blamed one other person for Jin’s death, but she did not say who. Taking her father’s company from him was her revenge.

Around the same time that Sun took over her father’s company, Hurley was treated to a surprise birthday party by his parents. Kate, Aaron, Sayid, and Nadia were among the guests. Hurley’s father David took him aside and showed him the Camaro the two of them had worked on when Hurley was a boy. The car was in mint condition, having been completely restored by David in Hurley’s absence. Hurley was thrilled until he got behind the wheel of the car and saw that the odometer was displaying the cursed Numbers — 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. He freaked out and ran from the house.


Jack gives Daniel the satellite phone that Frank dropped out the helicopter as it passed over, and he tries to contact the freighter. But instead he intercepts radio chatter from the helicopter instead, which indicates that Keamy’s team is trying to reach something called the Orchid. Jack and Kate team up to try and find the helicopter, but Daniel is spooked, and privately tells Charlotte that Keamy has decided to enact the secondary protocol — and due to whatever that’s going to involve, the two of them need to get off the island immediately.

On their way to find the Orchid, Jack and Kate run into Sawyer, Miles, and baby Aaron. Sawyer reveals that Claire’s disappeared, and the Barracks have been ravaged by the attack from Keamy’s men. He also takes a moment to tell Jack that Locke was right: the freighter did send people to the island to kill them all. Jack declares that he’s going on after the helicopter and Keamy anyway, but he wants everyone else to head for the beach. Sawyer goes with him, while Kate and Miles take Aaron back to the beach.

Sayid reaches the survivors’ beach on the zodiac raft, and he tells them that they have to start ferrying people to the boat as soon as possible. Keamy’s team intends to kill them all, so their only escape is to get everyone to the freighter. He’s frustrated to learn that Jack and Kate are not among the castaways, having gone off chasing the helicopter. Sayid decides to go after them, so Daniel volunteers to pilot the zodiac on its ferrying mission in his place. Sayid agrees, and Juliet insists that Sun go on the first trip out, since she’s pregnant. Kate and Miles return just then, and Kate is upset to realize that Sayid and Desmond are not what Jack is going to find when he reaches the helicopter. She offers to go with him to track Jack and Sawyer, and she hands off baby Aaron to Sun to carry to the freighter.

Now that they have their marching orders of “moving the island,” Locke, Ben, and Hurley hike across the island to the Orchid, a Dharma station that serves as a greenhouse. Ben explains that this is the place where they must go in order to move the island. Hurley asks why the Others didn’t move the island before the freighter arrived, and Ben calls moving the island “a measure of last resort” with dangerous and unpredictable consequences. Ben stops at a large rock outcropping beneath which he retrieves a hidden chest. Ben takes a mirror and sends a signal to his people high up in the hills. “Now we can go,” he says once he’s done, though he won’t tell Locke and Hurley what he just told the Others.

Later, as they near the Orchid, Hurley points out the obvious fact that moving the island will not remove Keamy and his men from it. Ben assures him he’s working on that problem as they speak, but Hurley’s far from convinced. At the Orchid, they spot Keamy and his men, who’ve already arrived.

The zodiac safely reaches the freighter, and Sun and Jin board the larger boat along with several others. Daniel heads back for more survivors, but Sun and Jin are stunned to find themselves standing in front of their old friend Michael Dawson. Michael’s been working to fix the damage he did to the engines, and he reports that he’s finished. He then tries to explain to Sun and Jin about how he’s been trying to help them and the other survivors by operating as a spy on the boat. But Sun and Jin both look at him and see only a traitorous employee of Ben’s.

Desmond runs to the bridge to tell the first officer — who’s taken over as captain following Captain Gault’s death — that the engines are working, but as they prepare to take the freighter directly to the island, the captain discovers that he can’t get any readings on the underwater reefs, due to some kind of interference from something on board. It’s too dangerous to take the ship into uncharted waters without a depth reading, so he holds off while Desmond heads off to find the source of the radio interference.

Jack and Sawyer reach the helicopter, where they find Frank handcuffed to it, alone. Frank explains that Keamy’s gone off to the Orchid to find Ben, but whoever they find with him isn’t likely to survive. Sawyer tells Jack that Hurley is with Ben and Locke, so they go to find him.

Desmond finds the source of the interference on the freighter and runs to get Michael from the main deck. Sun and Jin follow them down below where Desmond reveals what he’s found: an enormous stack of C4 explosives. The explosives are rigged to a complex web of wires, meaning that this bomb is somehow the source of the radio interference.

Kate and Sayid discover that they’re being followed through the jungle, so they stop and shout to their pursuers to come out into the open. Richard Alpert steps forward, and he’s soon followed by a dozen or so Others, all with weapons, who seemingly take Kate and Sayid captive.

At the Orchid, Ben gives Locke instructions on how to find a secret elevator inside the greenhouse that goes down to the real Orchid station. Ben says that he’s going to take care of Keamy so that Locke can get in. As Locke and Hurley watch, Ben steps out of hiding and walks into the midst of Keamy’s team with his hands raised, and Keamy knocks Ben out cold.

  • Claire disappeared in the jungle, but was later spotted hanging out with her dead father, Christian Shephard. She is seemingly out of the picture for the time being, but her exact status is unknown.
    Question: It stands to reason that Claire was not one of the Oceanic 6 if Kate is posing as Aaron’s mother. So what became of Claire on the island? Is she dead or alive? [4.04]
  • Carole did indeed recover from the car accident, and the subsequent coma she was in the last time Claire saw her. She appears to have recovered completely in the three and a half months since Oceanic 815 crashed.
    Question: What became of Carole Littleton? Did she ever wake up from her coma? [3.12]
  • Yes, Jack learned about Claire being his half-sister from Claire’s mother Carole, who showed up at Christian’s funeral. Apparently, learning that Aaron was his nephew caused Jack to be unpleasantly reminded about the people the Oceanic 6 left behind on the island, so he chose to avoid the little boy as a way of not facing his guilt.
    Question: Why doesn’t Jack want to see Aaron in the future? Does he know that Claire is his sister, and Aaron is his nephew? [4.04]
  • Ben is going to the Orchid station, which houses the apparatus used to move the island. How Widmore knew that this was the exact place Ben would be going — when Ben himself didn’t know until Locke got his orders from Jacob to go there — remains unexplained.
    Question: Where is the one place on the island Ben will now be going, according to the secondary protocol? [4.11]
  • It would appear that the secondary protocol is a more severe method of capturing Ben Linus that involves killing everyone else on the island to get to him.
    Question: What exactly does the “secondary protocol” say? [4.11]
  • David Reyes kept his promise. He has remained in Los Angeles, living with his ex-wife Carmen, grieving for the loss of his son by fixing up the old Camaro the two of them used to work on together.
    Question: Did David Reyes keep his promise and stay in Los Angeles, waiting for Hurley to return from Australia? [3.10]

  • What did Ben tell the Others with his mirror signal, while on his way to the Orchid?
  • Who is the second person that Sun blames for Jin’s death?

Oh no she didn’t! Loved loved loved the scene between Sun and her father, where she finally took him down; it was beyond awesome. Talk about a long-overdue comeuppance. The vile Mr. Paik finally got exactly what he deserved, and it was handed to him by his own daughter. Sun had always been demure and respectful to her father in the past, but losing Jin made her snap, and the resulting confrontation between father and daughter was absolutely delicious.