Sun decides to move to the Barracks, an action that Juliet believes is such a mistake, that she goes to shocking lengths to keep her from leaving the beach. On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond finally meet the ship;s captain — as well as Ben’s spy.

Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Stephen Semel

In this episode, Lost played a clever game with viewers. Since the identity of the final two members of the Oceanic 6 were still in question (because no one knew at first if baby Aaron was counted as one of them), it was possible we were still waiting to learn which two survivors were still to be added to the list. What appeared to be a pair of parallel flash-forwards featuring Sun and Jin, were at the end of the episode revealed to be diverging storylines; Sun’s scenes were flash-forwards, but Jin’s were flashbacks.


Jin’s flashbacks showed us a time not long after he and Sun became married when he was performing a menial task for his new employer, Mr. Paik.


Sun’s flash-forwards depicted the end of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Ji Yeon, in Seoul. After Ji Yeon was born and Sun returned home with the baby, Hurley arrived at her door for a visit and the two of them visited a grave with Jin’s name on it. Sun’s anguish at the gravesite leads us to believe that Jin’s death is genuine, but the date of Jin’s death seen on the headstone is fake, making him out to be one of the passengers who supposedly died when the plane crashed.


At night on the freighter, Frank takes food to Sayid and Desmond, but finds a woman named Regina guarding the door to their room. Regina’s odd behavior suggests she might be suffering from the same time displacement illness that previously afflicted George and Desmond. Sayid reiterates his desire to speak to the ship’s captain, and Frank delivers several cans of lima beans, explaining that just like the radio room, the kitchen was recently sabotaged.

As morning arrives on the freighter, someone slips a note under the door of Sayid and Desmond’s room. They pick it up and find that it has a short message: “Don’t trust the captain.” Later, somewhere on the ship somebody starts banging on pipes, and the sound reverberates to the room where Sayid and Desmond are waiting. The doctor comes in and says the captain is ready to meet with them. He takes them up to the main deck, where they notice the helicopter is missing, and the doctor says Frank took Keamy somewhere in the night. He doesn’t know where, but there’s no place nearby the helicopter could have made it to but the island. Just then, Desmond spots Regina on the deck, wrapped in heavy chains. Before he can stop her, she jumps over the side of the ship. Desmond and Sayid spring into action and call for help from the many men working on the deck, but no one comes to their aid. Captain Gault arrives out on deck and introduces himself after ordering everyone back to their posts.

Captain Gault takes Sayid and Desmond aside and they ask why he refused to do anything to try and rescue Regina. Gault replies that he doesn’t want to lose any more people, since some of his crew are suffering an extreme case of cabin fever. He believes the illness is related to their proximity to the island, but he can’t move the ship right now because the saboteur has made it impossible. Once the engines have been repaired, Gault will move the ship to safer waters. He can’t do any differently because he’s acting under strict orders from his employer. And then Gault lowers the bombshell on them, telling them that his employer is Charles Widmore. Desmond knows that name all too well, and his reaction reminds the captain that Desmond and Widmore know one another.

Gault takes Sayid and Desmond to his quarters, where he shows them a surprising item he holds in his possession: the black box from Oceanic 815. He explains that it was found on the bottom of the ocean in the Sunda Trench, along with all 324 dead passengers, and procured by Widmore. But, he says, this was obviously staged, and speculates on the resources required to pull off a fake-out of that magnitude. “Where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies?” he muses. He explains that this is just one of many reasons the freighter has been sent to get its hands on Benjamin Linus, implying that Ben was responsible for the fake wreckage.

That night, the doctor takes Sayid and Desmond to their new accommodations: a room infested with mice, with a big blood stain on one wall. The doctor calls out to a janitor named Kevin Johnson who’s working just down the hall, and asks him to clean the room. “Kevin” slowly comes toward the room, and as he draws near, Sayid is stunned to find himself face-to-face with former castaway Michael Dawson! Michael introduces himself to the two men under his new pseudonym, and Desmond, having never met Michael, doesn’t react. But Sayid, though he maintains pretenses in front of the doctor, has murder in his eyes at the sight of his former friend who not so long ago betrayed the rest of the survivors.

At the beach, Sun expresses concerns to Jin over Desmond and Sayid’s long absence. Jin wants to talk about baby names, and states his belief that their child is a girl. He wants to name her Ji Yeon, but Sun wants to get off the island before they settle on a name.

The next morning, Kate and Jack return to the beach and Kate tells Sun and Jin all about what happened at the Tempest station. Frustrated, Kate plants doubts in Sun’s mind about the freighter ever following through on its promise to rescue the survivors. Sun visits Daniel and asks him point blank if the freighter is going to rescue them or not. Daniel says it’s not his call, so she returns to tell Jin. She tells him in Korean to pack enough food for the two of them for two days and meet her at their tent in a few minutes. She’s decided they’re going to defect to Locke’s camp at the Barracks.

Juliet finds Sun rifling through the food stores, but Juliet quickly figures out that Sun is up to something, and Sun admits her plan. Juliet is adamant that Sun can’t go to Locke’s camp because he doesn’t want to leave the island, and it’s vital that Sun does before she gets much further along in her pregnancy. But Sun is unwilling to take Juliet’s word for it, because she doesn’t trust her. Kate later explains to Sun and Jin how to get to the Barracks, but Juliet shows up as they’re about to leave and tries to recruit Jin’s help in keeping Sun there, explaining that Sun has just three weeks to get off the island, or her pregnancy will kill her. But Jin is unconvinced, choosing to believe his wife over Juliet. So Juliet plays the last card she has: she tells Jin that Sun cheated on him before they came to the island. Sun slaps her for breaking their pact of secrecy, but the act only convinces Jin that it’s true. Angry and hurt, he returns to the beach alone.

Sun catches up with him as he’s packing supplies to go fishing, and she wants to explain herself, but Jin refuses to listen. Bernard happens by and asks if he can come along on Jin’s fishing trip, and Jin agrees. They go out about a hundred feet off the shore using the canoe that brought Karl to the beach, and have a private talk. Bernard and Jin have a long talk about things like marriage, right vs. wrong, and karma.

Juliet visits Sun alone and apologizes for breaking their trust. She says she did it because she had to keep Sun from staying on the island at any cost. Sun is still bitter about Juliet’s betrayal, so Juliet takes the time to explain in exacting detail precisely what’s going to happen to Sun starting in three weeks. It’s a terrible story, and Juliet becomes emotional as she tells it. She points out that Sun is her patient and she refuses to lose another pregnant woman on the island. Sun says nothing, but her reaction makes it clear that she finally believes Juliet.

That night, Jin returns to the tent he shares with his wife, carrying a fresh dinner made from the fish he caught. Sun is surprised but relieved to see him, and Jin explains that he knows the man she cheated on was a very different person than who he is now. He takes the blame upon himself for her indiscretion, and forgives her. Jin pledges to go with her to Locke’s camp if she still wants to, but she doesn’t. She’s decided Juliet is right, and they have to get off the island as soon as possible. He promises to protect her and the baby no matter what, but then asks one last question: he needs to know if the baby is his. She tells him truthfully that it is indeed his child.

  • With this episode, we learned that the Oceanic 6 — the survivors who escaped the island — are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron.
    Question: Who are the Oceanic 6? [4.01]
  • Ben’s spy on the freighter is none other than former castaway Michael Dawson, who is working under the pseudonym Kevin Johnson.
    Question: Who is the double agent on the freighter who’s working for Ben? [4.02]

  • What is the errand Frank is taking Keamy to the island for?
  • How did Michael end up on the freighter? It seems likely that he is the spy working for Ben, so how did that working relationship come about?
  • Who was banging on the pipes on the freighter, and why? Was it Michael?
  • Why did Ben’s spy (presumably Michael) warn Desmond and Sayid not to trust the ship’s captain?
  • Whoever staged the fake wreck of Oceanic 815 — where did they get their hands on 324 dead bodies to plant among the wreckage?
  • Is Jin really dead in the future? If so, how did he die?

”Ji Yeon” is the one and only time Lost‘s writers played a trick on us, the viewers, by mixing flashbacks with flash forwards. It was a clever twist, but I think they were wise enough to know right away that they could only get away with playing this card a single time, without causing a riot among fans.