When Daniel and Charlotte disappear from camp, Juliet receives an ominous request from Ben. Meanwhile, Locke learns who sent the freighter to the island.

Written by Drew Goddard & Christina M. Kim
Directed by Eric Laneuville


One week after she first arrived on the island, Juliet started seeing the resident psychologist, Dr. Harper Stanhope, an abrasive woman that Juliet never managed to get along with. Not helping matters was the fact that Harper was unhappily married to Goodwin, whom Juliet eventually became romantically involved with. Goodwin’s primary job on the island was at the Tempest station, an electrical station built by the Dharma Initiative that provides power to the island. Ben quickly picked up on the vibe between Juliet and Goodwin and began manipulating the two of them, because he had a crush on Juliet himself. He forcibly broke Juliet and Goodwin apart by sending Goodwin to the tail section of Oceanic 815 the day it crashed on the island. Harper also learned of her husband’s affair and although she admitted that their marriage was long over, she warned Juliet not to continue with the relationship because there would be consequences — thanks to Ben. Those consequences came true when Ben took Juliet out to the place where Ana-Lucia killed Goodwin to show her his body, and Juliet realized that Ben meant for this to happen all along.


At the beach, Jack and Juliet discover that Daniel and Charlotte have ventured alone into the jungle, carrying the satellite phone. Jack recruits Sun and Jin to help look for her, and as it starts to rain, Juliet stops alone in the jungle when she hears Whispers. She’s found there by an Other named Harper, who gives her a message from Ben: Daniel and Charlotte are headed for a Dharma station called the Tempest, which contains some kind of noxious gas. Ben wants Juliet to stop Daniel and Charlotte from deploying the gas, because if they do, it will kill everyone on the island. Jack finds the two of them talking, but the Whispers return and Harper vanishes. Juliet immediately sets off for the Tempest with Jack in tow, but she doesn’t want to talk about what she’s doing or why. She merely asks for his help, and he agrees.

Daniel and Charlotte stop at a creek to rest, but they’re found there by Kate, on her way back from the Barracks. They try to hide their intentions from her, but Kate knows they’re lying. Ever impulsive, Charlotte knocks Kate out and they leave her behind.

Jack and Juliet find Kate a while later, and she reports that Daniel and Charlotte were carrying gas masks when she saw them. Juliet disappears, heading off to stop them on her own.

Kate helps Jack track Juliet to the Tempest, and Kate tells him why she stayed behind at the Barracks. She tells him what she found out from Miles, that the Freighter Folk know she’s a fugitive, wanted for murder.

At the Barracks, Claire visits Locke and asks to talk to Miles, hoping to get some answers out of him. She suggests that she might be less intimidating than Locke is, so Miles might be willing to talk to her. Locke flatly refuses, but Claire points out that everything Locke is doing is based on Charlie’s message about the boat not belonging to Penny. “Don’t you want to find out whose boat it is?” she asks. So Locke goes straight to Ben and puts the question to him. Ben agrees to spill what he knows if Locke will let him out of his prison cell to live like a regular person. Locke takes Ben upstairs where he shows him a video tape that reveals the owner of the freighter to be Charles Widmore, Penny’s father. Ben says that Widmore has been trying to find the island for a very long time, and that he intends to possess and exploit it. He gives Locke a file on Widmore that he says contains everything he knows about the man. Locke is satisfied with the answers Ben’s provided, but wants one more: the identity of Ben’s spy on the freighter. Ben says he’ll tell him, but he might want to sit down first.

Juliet arrives at the Tempest, a large steel structure, and enters, gun drawn. She goes into the main area of the facility and finds Daniel feverishly typing on a terminal. She approaches and tells him to stop, but he argues that he’s not trying to release the gas, he wants to render it inert. Charlotte comes up behind her and the two fight. Juliet gets the upper hand, but Charlotte backs up Daniel’s claim that they’re trying to make the chemical agent safe. She suggests that Ben could use the gas to kill everyone on the island if he chose to — because they know he’s used it before — and the two of them are trying to take this weapon away from him. Daniel finishes his work on the computer system and succeeds in rendering the gas inert, and Juliet realizes that she was once again manipulated by Ben into coming here, not to stop them from releasing the gas, but to stop them from taking away his weapon.

Jack and Kate find the Tempest station just as Juliet and Charlotte are exiting. Juliet explains the situation, but Kate is skeptical, so Charlotte offers to take her inside to prove it’s all true. Alone, Juliet tells Jack that Ben manipulated her again, sending someone who could “get to her” (Harper) to put her on this mission to kill Daniel and Charlotte. Juliet says that the Freighter Folk have come to wage war against Ben, but Ben is always so many steps ahead of the game that she knows he’ll find a way to win. She warns Jack not to be near her when that happens, because Ben believes that Juliet belongs to him, and he knows that Juliet has feelings for Jack. In response, Jack kisses her, and says that Ben knows where to find him. Juliet hugs Jack, seeing in him someone who cares about her enough to get her off the island and away from the man who’s ruined her life.

At the Barracks, while playing a round of horseshoe, Sawyer and Hurley are stunned to see Ben walking around outside, free from his imprisonment. “See you guys at dinner,” Ben happily says to them as he passes by.

  • The Dharma Initiative built a station called the Tempest, which was their power station as well as a containment unit for some kind of poisonous gas. Presumably, Ben rigged the gas to release, taking out every member of the Initiative.
    Question: How did the Others orchestrate the mass release of a poisonous gas on the island to kill every member of the Dharma Initiative? [2.20]
  • The freighter was sent on its mission by Charles Widmore. Everyone on board works for him.
    Question: Who owns/sent the freighter to find the island? [4.02]
  • Charles Widmore.
    Question: Who are the “people who have been trying to find the island” that Naomi and her freighter represent? [3.23]
  • Ben has clearly known about Widmore’s search for the island, and his plans to use the freighter to find it, for a long time now. So we can intuit from this that Ben made the decision not long ago to have the Looking Glass jam all transmissions, to keep Widmore from being able to follow radio transmissions to find the island.
    Question: The survivors have been able to receive transmissions on the island before now, such as Rousseau’s distress call and the radio station Sayid and Hurley once picked up. Why are transmissions being jammed now, seemingly out of the blue? [3.19]
  • Widmore does indeed know about the island, which explains his interest in the Black Rock. But how he knows so much about the island has yet to be revealed.
    Question: Why is Charles Widmore so interested in the Black Rock? Does he know about the island? If so, how? [4.05]
  • It would appear that just like Naomi, Keamy, and others associated with the freighter, Matthew Abaddon is an employee of Charles Widmore.
    Question: Who is Matthew Abaddon? [4.01]
  • All of these individuals can thank their knowledge of the survivors still being alive to their enigmatic and powerful employer: Charles Widmore. How he knows that Oceanic 815 didn’t crash in the ocean remains a mystery.
    Question: How does Matthew Abaddon know that the Oceanic 6 were not the only survivors of the plane crash? [4.01] & Question: How did the Freighter Folk know that the Oceanic 815 survivors were alive? [4.02]

  • Harper insinuated that Juliet was favored by Ben because she “looked just like her.” Which “her” was Harper referring to? Ben’s mother? His childhood friend Annie?
  • How does Charles Widmore know about the island?
  • Why has Charles Widmore been trying to find the island?
  • Why does Charles Widmore want Ben dead?
  • Charles Widmore appears to know that there are survivors of Oceanic 815 living on the island (because everyone who works for him knows). How does he know this?
  • Since Widmore knows that Oceanic 815 didn’t really crash in the ocean, does this mean he is responsible for the faked wreckage in the Sunda Trench?
  • Why would Dharma build a station (the Tempest) with the purpose of containing a poisonous gas inside it? Did they intend to use it against the Others if a weapon of last resort was needed?

This is, without a doubt, my least favorite episode of the series. I absolutely hate it. Others may cite different episodes as their least favorites for perfectly valid reasons, but for me, this ep was just a waste of storytelling. As much as I appreciate the writers giving Juliet another star vehicle — particularly in a season where she otherwise had almost nothing to do — “The Other Woman” is a disaster. It’s not poorly written, acted, or directed; it was just a terrible idea. I hate the utterly out-of-left-field notion of Ben crushing on Juliet, and I especially hate the retconning that was done to the iconic Barracks scene when Oceanic 815 falls out of the sky. The idea that Juliet’s relationship with Goodwin was an extramarital affair on his part, and that Ben intentionally had him killed for it, added absolutely nothing to the animosity we already knew about between Ben and Juliet. Not only did the Ben/Juliet crush never get utilized in any future storylines, it was never even mentioned on the show again. Which makes me think the writers themselves realized that the entire business was a bad idea from the start.

Because even bad Lost is better than no Lost at all… A few good things did come out of the episode, though they were all plot points that had nothing to do with the Juliet story. Most significantly, the seeds were planted here for the Widmore/Linus feud that we would see a lot more of in future episodes. How delicious is it that Ben lied about not to know how Widmore knew about the island? As we saw in Season 5, Ben was directly responsible for Widmore being ejected from the island, so he could supplant Widmore’s position as leader of the Others.

One last thought: we now know how the Others/Ben caused the Purge. The chemicals in the Tempest were released into the air, and everyone not wearing a gas mask was killed. Ben and all of the Others were wearing masks, and Ethan Rom must’ve been wearing one too, probably having been spared by his friend Ben. But what about Jacob? Jacob’s already displayed superhuman abilities, such as an incredibly long life, precognition, and the power to bring people to the island. So these special abilities of his must explain why Jacob survived the toxic gasses released all over the island during the Purge. Yet when Ben stabbed him, Jacob appeared to have died just like any mortal would. So which is it? Is he mortal or immortal? Man or superman?