Kate tries to get some important information out of Miles, but earns Locke’s wrath in the process. In the off-island future, Kate faces a high-profile trial for her crimes.

Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Greggory Nations
Directed by Stephen Williams


At the top of Kate’s agenda once she escaped from the island was dealing with her lingering status as a fugitive. But her court appearance was complicated by her newfound stardom as one of the six famous survivors of Oceanic 815, as the press fixated on her in particular because of her criminal past.

In the courtroom, Kate pled not guilty, but the prosecuting lawyer, District Attorney Melissa Dunbrook, made a strong case against her thanks to help from Kate’s mother, Diane Jansen. Kate’s lawyer, Duncan Forrester, wanted to make the case about Kate’s character to garner sympathy, but Kate was against this idea. Forrester went against her wishes and did it anyway, bringing in Jack to testify on her behalf as a character witness. Though Kate argued against Jack’s presence in the courtroom, Jack was allowed to testify. Jack lied under oath, stating that Federal Marshall Edward Mars died in the crash, that only eight people total survived the crash, landing in the water. He further said that he himself was hurt badly and that he survived only because Kate took care of him, the same as she took care of the others. Jack’s lie was convincing, even though it traveled further and further from the truth the more he said. Dunbrook asked him if he loved Kate, to which he replied no.

In a private meeting room, Kate met with her mother, Diane Jensen, for the first time since the crash. Diane claimed that her feelings about Kate and the crime she committed changed when she thought Kate died in the crash, but ultimately she had come because she simply wanted to meet her grandson. She offered to pull out of the case as the prosecution’s star witness if Kate would agree to this, but Kate refused in no uncertain terms, telling her mother that she wanted her nowhere near her son.

Despite this, Diane decided not to testify against her daughter anyway, and the prosecution was forced to cut a deal with Kate’s lawyer: time served with ten years’ probation, and the agreement that Kate will not leave the state of California. Kate eagerly took the deal, telling the D.A. that she had no desire to go anywhere because she had a child to take care of.

As she was leaving the court house, Jack caught up to Kate privately and Kate thanked him for lying for her benefit. He said that his claim that he didn’t love her was a lie as well, and Kate asked if he’d like to come to her house to visit. But when Jack made up an excuse, Kate saw through it and said that although she understood why he didn’t want to be around her son, but that she couldn’t be with Jack until he did want to see the child. She said that the offer would remain open, but he declined for the time being.

When she returned home, a free woman, Kate’s “son” was revealed to be Aaron, now a toddler. Somehow, Kate had taken custody of Aaron and was posing as his biological mother.


Locke takes up residence in Ben’s house, which is outfitted with a staircase leading down to the subterranean holding area that both Locke and his father were once held prisoner in. Now, Ben is the captive. Morning comes, and Locke makes Ben some breakfast and takes it down to him. Locke asks if Ben would be willing to share what he knows about the people from the freighter, including Locke’s other prisoner, Miles. But Ben has no interest in helping and would rather play his usual mind games, pushing Locke’s buttons. And it works — Locke ends the conversation with a temper-fueled outburst.

Kate has spent the night at the Barracks in Claire’s house instead of Sawyer’s. Sawyer stops by that morning and asks her to move in with him, but she shuts him down hard and sends him back to his house empty-handed. Kate goes to visit Locke and asks to know where Miles is being kept so she can talk to him. But Locke refuses because she won’t tell him why she wants to see Miles. So she asks Hurley instead, and he unwittingly tells her that Miles has been placed in a nearby Dharma boat house. Once there, she asks Miles if he knows her or anything about her. But Miles wants something from her in exchange — he wants to talk to Ben, and needs her to arrange a meeting.

At the beach, Sun and Jin talk about where they would like to live after they’ve been rescued; Jin wants to go to America, but Sun wants to raise their baby at home in Seoul. Jack and Juliet return just then and introduce everyone to Daniel and Charlotte. But later, Jack can’t get through to the freighter on his satellite phone, even though Desmond and Sayid left to rendezvous with the boat yesterday.

Kate and Claire talk about Aaron, and Kate expresses hesitation at interacting with the little guy. Nor is she interested in ever becoming a mother, as she believes she lacks a mother’s touch.

That night, Kate visits Sawyer to ask for his help in getting Miles his meeting with Ben. Sawyer agrees to help, serving as a distraction while Kate brings Miles to see Ben in his basement cell. Once they’re face to face, Miles makes Ben an offer: he will report back to his employer — the mystery man who sent the freighter to the island to find Ben — that Ben is dead, if Ben will give Miles $3.2 million. Miles gives him one week to follow through, or the deal’s off. Kate brings the meeting to an end and demands the information she wanted from Miles: does he know who she is or anything about her? He does indeed; Miles recounts her entire criminal history to her, including her status as a fugitive and what she’s wanted for. But Locke finds the two of them and sends Kate back to Claire’s house.

Locke later comes to Claire’s house, where he asked her about what was said between Ben and Miles. Once she tells him, he informs her that she’s no longer welcome at the Barracks and needs to be gone by morning. Kate goes to Sawyer and he offers to keep her safe from Locke, and the two of them make out.

At the beach, Charlotte tests Daniel with a simple memory game. He gets two out of three correct, and she’s heartened at his “progress,” but Daniel’s not. Jack and Juliet approach and ask why no one has answered their calls to the boat all day long. Charlotte reveals that there’s a second number they can call, in case of emergency, and she dials it on Jack’s phone. But everyone is startled to learn that in the last twenty-four hours, the freighter has seen no sign of the helicopter carrying Frank, Sayid, and Desmond — and didn’t even know it had left the island.

The next morning, Locke visits Miles, who’s tied up in the boat house again. Locke abruptly places a live grenade in Miles’ mouth and pulls the pin out, warning him not to try and talk to Ben again. He claims this is punishment for Miles “breaking the rules,” and leaves him there like that.

Kate wakes up next to Sawyer, and the two of them talk about her pregnancy scare from when the Others threatened to kidnap her, back when they tried to take Sun. Kate reveals that she’s definitely not pregnant, and Sawyer’s relieved. But Kate’s disgusted by his reaction and declares that she’s going back to the beach. Sawyer mouths-off at her, saying that she’ll be back in a week or so for more of his particular brand of comfort, after finding a reason to get mad at Jack again. She smacks him and leaves.

  • In the basement of Ben’s house.
    Question: Where is the underground holding cell that Locke is being held prisoner in? [3.13]
  • Diane Jensen endured for four years after being told that she had only six months to live. She is not expected to last must longer.
    Question: What became of Kate’s mother? Did she die from her cancer? [1.22]
  • Despite fearing initially that she might be pregnant with Sawyer’s child, Kate found out definitively that she was not pregnant.
    Question: Kate was a potential target of the Others, just like Sun. Is she pregnant too? [3.22]
  • “He” is Aaron, whom Kate is acting as the mother of off the island.
    Question: Who was the “he” that Kate said would be looking for her? [3.23]

  • Why did Miles ask Ben for $3.2 million? That’s an oddly specific number for simple blackmail.
  • How and why did Kate end up posing as Aaron’s biological mother?
  • It stands to reason that Claire was not one of the Oceanic 6 if Kate is posing as Aaron’s mother. So what became of Claire on the island? Is she dead or alive?
  • What happened to Daniel’s mind? Why does he have trouble remembering things?
  • Daniel and Charlotte spoke of “progress” with his memory problems. Is this the reason Daniel came to the island? Was he hoping to be healed?
  • Why doesn’t Jack want to see Aaron in the future? Does he know that Claire is his sister, and Aaron is his nephew?
  • The helicopter hasn’t been seen on the island or the freighter for more than a day. What’s happened to Sayid, Desmond, and Frank?

With the addition of Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis to the residents at the beach camp, the total number of people living as part of the group of survivors now numbers 45. (Although several of them now live at the Barracks, I’m still counting the Oceanic 815 survivors and their friends as a single group. My count does not take Danielle, Alex, or Karl into consideration, as I don’t believe their loyalties were ever fully pledged to the survivors. The same could be said of Daniel and Charlotte at this stage, given that they are far from being trusted at this point, but I added them now because we know they eventually wind up casting their lot with the survivors.)

It was pretty cool getting to see the end of Kate’s long-running fugitive storyline thanks to the Season 4 flash forwards. This was a story I never really expected to get any resolution to, because I couldn’t imagine a scenario where the survivors would be rescued from the island and things would turn out okay for Kate. But thanks to the extraordinary circumstances of the Oceanic 6’s rescue (or at least, the circumstances they fabricated), that theory was tossed out the window, as Kate managed to finally be disentangled from her many criminal issues. Just the fact that in only the fourth episode of the season, the writers were tossing this long-running storyline out the window was further evidence that the gloves were off and the show was never going to be the same. Kate instead received a whole new character arc, in the form of her mother/son relationship with Aaron.