Sun asks for Juliet’s help in determining whether Jin really is the father of her child. Desmond and Charlie clash when the woman they rescued in the jungle receives help from a very unlikely source.

Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Fred Toye


Not long after she became married, Sun was approached by a strange woman who told her that Jin was the son of a prostitute, and tried to blackmail her to keep the information quiet. Sun did some digging and found out that Jin had been lying to her about his fisherman father, telling her that his father died when he was a teenager, when his father was still very much alive. She tracked down Jin’s father and he told her that Jin had lied about his heritage to avoid the shame of being known as a lowly fisherman’s son. But even Jin didn’t know the truth about his dead mother, his father having lied to him all his life about who she was. Mr. Kwon explained to Sun that the prostitute had been with many men, but she left him with Jin as a baby and he raised Jin alone. He never even knew if Jin was his, but he loved him as though he was. He told Sun that Jin’s mother was still alive, but asked her not to tell him about their meeting, to spare him the humiliation. Sun managed to procure the money she needed to pay off the blackmailer, on the condition that Jin would now go to work as one of Paik’s mob enforcers. When Sun delivered the money to the woman, she figured out that this woman was Jin’s mother. But Sun threatened her never to try anything like this again, or she would have her very powerful family see to it that the woman’s supposed death was made a reality.


After Desmond rescues the woman who parachuted onto the island, Jin, Hurley, and Charlie note that she knew Desmond’s name, but he has no idea who she is. They panic when they find that she has a small tree branch sticking out of her abdomen, which must have jammed into her when she fell from the sky. Desmond volunteers to run the 8-hour walk back to camp to get Jack and bring him to where the woman is, because they fear that moving her will make her condition worse. Charlie argues that it’s a pointless exercise, because it’s too dangerous to run through the jungle alone, but Desmond insists he can do it, since the Others don’t know they’re out there. Their conversation is rendered moot when Hurley accidentally fires a flare high into the sky above them.

A short while later, the four of them continue to argue about what to do to help the injured woman, but their fight is cut short when someone new enters the scene, running right into them: a very much alive Mikhail Bakunin, who did not die at the sonic fence after all. When Mikhail runs, Jin chases him and kung-fus him into submission. The others catch up, and Charlie explains who Mikhail is, having learned of him from Sayid. Mikhail refuses to talk when Desmond threatens him, but offers to put his field medic skills to use to save the parachute woman’s life. Mikhail explains that the branch punctured her lung and it’s now filling with blood, which will kill her soon unless her lung is ventilated. Mikhail bargains with them: if he helps the woman, they have to let him go when he’s done.

Late that night, the woman takes a turn for the worst as Mikhail works, and he and Desmond have to puncture her chest to let the blood escape so she can breathe. She whispers something to Mikhail in a language only he understands. Mikhail Tells Desmond that she said “Thank you for helping me,” but it’s obvious he’s lying. He finishes his part of the bargain, so Desmond agrees to let him go. Charlie vehemently disagrees with the decision, remembering his near-death experience at the hands of the Others, but right after Mikhail leaves, Jin notices that the woman’s fancy satellite phone is missing. Jin chases Mikhail and gets the phone back. Desmond still lets Mikhail go, but not before some very bad blood is sown between Charlie and Mikhail.

Jack visits Sun at her garden, checking in on her pregnancy. He asks some out-of-the-ordinary questions, and Sun picks up on a strange vibe from him, though he plays it down. Later, Sun asks Kate if Jack has changed due to his experience being held captive by the Others for more than a week. She wonders if the Others might have turned him, and could be using him to get at her baby, the same way they tried to get Claire’s. Kate assures Sun that Jack is not working with the Others, but Sun realizes that Kate is holding back. Kate finally reveals that Juliet was the Others’ fertility doctor, and that the Others wanted Aaron for research purposes. Sun immediately goes to Juliet and asks what’s going on, and Juliet tells her that pregnant women die on the island

That night, Juliet awakens Sun in her tent and whispers that she’ll tell her what she wants to know and help her and her baby, but Sun has to come with her right now. Sun is distrustful of Juliet, but agrees to go. They walk to the Staff station, where Juliet says she can do an ultrasound of Sun’s baby to determine the date of conception. This will help her determine whether or not Sun and the child have a chance of surviving on the island, as pregnancies conceived off of the island usually survive on it.

Juliet leads Sun into the Staff, and Sun asks why Juliet is helping her. Juliet explains that she used to love the looks on women’s faces when she would tell them that they were pregnant, but since coming to the island three years ago, she’s lost nine pregnant patients. She says she’s doing this because she wants to give someone good news again. Sun suddenly reveals that had an affair, and that she doesn’t know if the baby is really Jin’s or not. If the child was conceived off the island, then it isn’t Jin’s child, though she and the baby will probably be safe. But if it was conceived on the island, then Jin is most certainly the father, though this scenario places Sun and the child in mortal danger. Juliet leads Sun to a hidden room in the Staff, which she explains is where the Others brought their pregnant women to die.

As Juliet hooks Sun up to the ultrasound machine, Sun expresses her doubts that the baby is Jin’s, pointing out that he was diagnosed as infertile back in Korea. But Juliet tells her that the sperm count of men on the island is five times normal, so she shouldn’t despair just yet. Juliet runs her tests and determines that Sun became pregnant after crashing on the island, which can only mean that it’s Jin’s child. Juliet says that the pregnant women she watched die did not make it past the halfway point of their second trimester, which gives Sun about two months.

While Sun waits outside, Juliet secretly makes an audio recording that she leaves for Ben, reporting on the status of Sun’s baby and promising to get similar information on any other pregnant women among the castaways. After turning off the recorder, she adds, “I hate you.”

While Desmond, Charlie, and Jin build a stretcher to carry the injured woman, she wakes up and asks Hurley what’s happening. He tells her she’s on an island with survivors from Oceanic 815, and asks if she’s part of a group of rescuers looking for them. But she’s surprised at his mention of Oceanic 815, and tells him that the wreckage of Oceanic 815 had already been found, and everyone on board was dead.

  • What did the woman who parachuted onto the island really say to Mikhail after he saved her life?
  • Whose side is Juliet really on? Ben’s or Jack’s?
  • How can the wreckage of Oceanic 815 have been found elsewhere if it’s really on the island?
  • Where was Oceanic 815’s wreck supposedly found?

“D.O.C.” is the third Sun-centric episode of the series.

How awesome was Kung Fu Jin? I always hoped to see more of Daniel Dae Kim’s martial art moves some day, but so far the powers that be haven’t found another story reason to show off Jin’s mad fighting skills. Pity.