Published: 10.06.17


Lupus. Fibromyalgia. Depression. Chronic Migraines. Arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis. Lyme Disease. Chron’s. Sjagren’s. Celiac. POTS. Fatigue. Anxiety. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these or the countless other invisible illnesses there are, there’s a lot you need to know. So where’s the handbook?

In this pocket-sized guide, novelist Robin Parrish makes his nonfiction debut with his own story of living with not one but three invisible, chronic illnesses, and the practical things he wishes he’d known from the start—things that will make managing your health and day-to-day life much easier.

Navigating this strange new world can be confusing and overwhelming. The Invisible Illness Survival Guide answers your most difficult, elephant-in-the-room questions—including the ones your doctor never talks about. Questions like:

  • Did I do something to cause my disease? Am I making it worse?
  • Can I get my old life back, despite my limitations?
  • How do I get others to truly understand what I’m going through?
  • Who’s in control of my healthcare?
  • How do I find the right doctor for me? And how do I avoid the bad ones?
  • Can I really trust the modern healthcare system?
  • Is it normal to constantly have bizarre, new symptoms?
  • Why does taking my meds make me feel worse, and is there a way around that?
  • and many more…

The answers to these questions may surprise you. But whatever invisible illness you’re facing, you can still have a full, happy life.

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