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Available now: The Riftwalkers and the Pierced Veil

The Riftwalkers and the Pierced Veil (cover art)
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All over the world, they are appearing.

Tears in the fabric of reality known as “Rifts” have been secretly manifesting for years, offering rare glimpses into a realm where the forces of light and dark wage eternal war. A place where rulers, powers, and principalities scheme to destroy mankind.

When new Rifts begin appearing in the sky over a small Texas town, the FBI pairs one of its brightest agents with an enigmatic consultant to search for answers. Why is it happening? Who or what is responsible? And what happens if the inhabitants of the other side make their way into our world?

What this unlikely duo discovers will set them on a collision course with destiny, and challenge everything we understand about our own existence.

Intricately plotted and emotionally riveting, The Riftwalkers, the thrilling new series by author Robin Parrish, kicks off with a can’t-put-it-down debut that leads into a mind-bending series where mysteries and surprises await at every turn.

Proceed with caution: The Riftwalkers could become your new obsession.


The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of ChristmasPublished: 12.17.18


On the night before Christmas Eve, Henry Oliver finds himself swept up in a wild adventure at the North Pole, a fortress where the fables of Christmas have gotten many details wrong, and invasion by fantastical, holiday-related creatures is always one heartbeat away.

When Henry is asked to help with an important task that will allow Christmas to come this year, he’s not interested. Once upon a time, he loved all things Christmas. But having recently lost his belief in Christmas’ wonder and magic, he never wants to celebrate the holiday again. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the very real St. Nicholas, a humorless Elf, and one lovable but not-too-bright reindeer have other plans for Henry.

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The Invisible Illness Survival Guide

Published: 10.06.17


Lupus. Fibromyalgia. Depression. Chronic Migraines. Arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis. Lyme Disease. Chron’s. Sjagren’s. Celiac. POTS. Fatigue. Anxiety. Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these or the countless other invisible illnesses there are, there’s a lot you need to know. So where’s the handbook?

In this pocket-sized guide, novelist Robin Parrish makes his nonfiction debut with his own story of living with not one but three invisible, chronic illnesses, and the practical things he wishes he’d known from the start—things that will make managing your health and day-to-day life much easier.

Navigating this strange new world can be confusing and overwhelming. The Invisible Illness Survival Guide answers your most difficult, elephant-in-the-room questions—including the ones your doctor never talks about. Questions like:

  • Did I do something to cause my disease? Am I making it worse?
  • Can I get my old life back, despite my limitations?
  • How do I get others to truly understand what I’m going through?
  • Who’s in control of my healthcare?
  • How do I find the right doctor for me? And how do I avoid the bad ones?
  • Can I really trust the modern healthcare system?
  • Is it normal to constantly have bizarre, new symptoms?
  • Why does taking my meds make me feel worse, and is there a way around that?
  • and many more…

The answers to these questions may surprise you. But whatever invisible illness you’re facing, you can still have a full, happy life.

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Published: 7.18.14

I will not be silent.

A storm is coming.

The most popular evangelist of his day, John Luther, simply wants to share the Gospel and enjoy a quiet life with his family. He never asked to be at the center of a political controversy, but an ill wind has been blowing through the halls of Congress, and supporters of a new religious-equality bill see Luther’s endorsement as critical.

But when Luther refuses to lend his support, he unknowingly sets in motion an explosive plan bent on destroying his reputation and undermining everything for which he stands. His once-normal life is turned upside down as he becomes a fugitive left with only one dangerous option–putting everything he holds most dear at risk while he fights to expose the truth. It is a mission that brings him face-to-face with the coming storm of persecution that could threaten the very fabric of our nation’s freedoms.

Bethany House Publisheres presents Robin Parrish’s official novelization of the Daniel Lusko film, Persecuted. Available in cloth hardback, trade paperback, and ebook formats.

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The ‘Naturals: Season One – “Awakening”

naturals-frontLaunched: 10.15.12


A small town full of secrets. A coming darkness. Teenagers with supernatural abilities. Think you know the story?

Think again.

As Summer ends, the students at Silverwood High are getting ready to go back to school and resume their normal, everyday lives. Too bad “normal” is no longer an option.

When these teens get their very first tastes of what destiny has in store, will they embrace that destiny… or flee from it? Will they be selfless… or ruthless? Will they master their abilities… or will their abilities master them?

This is their awakening, the first step of an epic journey. But it’s only the beginning of something bigger than they could ever imagine.

Four teenagers. One town.

Four authors. One story.

The sleepy little town of Silverwood is about to wake up.

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